2013 Detroit Pistons Introductions – Chauncey Billups Returns

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The #Pistons opened up the season Wednesday night and it really was a magical night at The Palace of Auburn Hills.  The fans got introduced to almost a whole new team, but the return of Chauncey Billups was magical.

To add to it in the fourth quarter when Chauncey was at the line shooting a free throw, the crowd started an MVP chant.

Here are the 2013 Detroit Pistons introductions.

I took this one myself, enjoy!

4 Responses to "2013 Detroit Pistons Introductions – Chauncey Billups Returns"
  1. Avatar Tim says:

    Awesome effects, but the song choice made the introuctions too slow paced. I miss the Final Countdown!

  2. Avatar Tim says:

    Yeah not sure why they got rid of the the fire. The gunshots in the background aren’t nearly as fun. Guess they’re trying to push the ‘new era’ thing all the way, but Mason didn’t seem as comfortable.

  3. Avatar Nismo says:

    They should have introduced Rasheed Wallacee!!!

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