The Winner of the Andre Drummond T-Shirt is…

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Andre Drummond - Michael Jordan Nobody Beats This Drum

There were a ton of entries to the Andre Drummond T-Shirt giveaway simply because Pistons fans love Dre.

The winner of the T-Shirt is this tweet from @ItsameSethery

I said I was going to give one shirt away, but there was one Andre Drummond fan that caught my eye.
A Pistons fan from thousands of miles away from the D @c3dona decided to get creative with his entries and ask @Dre_Drummond_, @jennettemccurdy, @PeypeySiva3 and a slew of other people to RT his entry I have to send him a t-shirt just for being so creative and dedicated.

So @c3dona I’m an Andre Drummond Need4Sheed t-shirt is on it way from Detroit to Brazil!

3 Responses to "The Winner of the Andre Drummond T-Shirt is…"
  1. Andre fan says:

    Bummed I didn’t wear the shirt Natalie, but the pic of Dre with Jordan made my day!

  2. Seth Zundel says:

    Hey this is Seth. Thank you Natalie, this just made my day!

  3. Julian says:

    Dre is going to have a monster year and KCP will be the rookie of the year candidate,
    Billups will start but KCP will still get major minutes. We should have a nice 9-10 man rotation with JJ, Gigi, Bynum and KCP, Plus Singler and Stuckey if need be.

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