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Peyton Siva ToonThe newest #DetroitPistons guard Peyton Siva is tooned. The Pistons second round draft pick officially signed his contract on Monday. A spot on the roster became available for Peyton with the Brandon Jennings trade.

Siva showed plenty of potential with his play in summer league while making himself some new fans in Detroit.

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12 Responses to "Peyton Siva Tooned"
  1. Avatar Julian says:

    Nice toon!
    Siva is an unselfish player and knows how to win.
    He will become a crowd favorite.
    Cheeks will have himself a challenge putting together the pieces of the puzzle. The 3 rookies and Gigi will be watching from the bench for most of the year while the other 10 veteran players get most of the playing time.

  2. Avatar Julian says:

    Peyton Siva`s bio is very impressive:

    1. Won 2 state championships with his Franklin H.S. team during his 4 years there.
    2. Mr Basketball for the state of Washington
    2. McDonalds All American
    4. MVP of the Big East tournament twice. Only other player to do so was Patrick Ewing.
    5. Against U of M in the championship game had 18 pts, 6 rebounds, 5 assists and 4 steals with only 2 turnovers.
    6. Among the Big East leaders during his senior year in many categories including assists, steals. and A/T ratio.
    7. Several awards for character, leadership and academic achievement while at U of L.

    Sounds like the kid will not only be a decent, inexpensive PG to backup Jennings but a future crowd favorite.

  3. Avatar Julian says:

    I forgot to mention that he grew up in a Seattle neighborhood that was gang infested.
    His mother worked 3 jobs in order to raise the family. His father had alcohol and drug abuse issues and was not around the home much.
    Peyton is a devout Christian and is very against substance/alcohol abuse.
    His mother is now working as a substance abuse counselor.

    Glad to see that he made it to the NBA.

  4. Avatar Bellllissimo says:

    i think siva is the guy whos gonna benefit most from chauncey. they have similar backgrounds

    • Avatar edt says:

      i dunno how much help siva needs, all those years college developed his game he’s a lot further along than billups was as a rookie.

      Brandong Jennings however, he needs a lot of help, shot selection, dribbling with the right hand, layups with the right hand, 3 point percentage.

      Jennings is real good at the pick and roll tho that will be nice to see him + moose & dre excellent pick and roll + moose interior passing = easy buckets

      Have no idea how smith fits into the equation or pope, or luigi! So many new players it will be exciting that’s for sure and there is really no way we could do worse, playoff basketball that seems like a lock this year.

      • Avatar Bellllissimo says:

        i just feel billups and siva are more close as players. Jennings is more like Allen Iverson except not as good. I think Siva from what i saw in summer league, needs to work on fighting through screens and not picking up his dribble too soon. Siva i think is more all around good. Jennings is more of a role player similar to Allen Iverson in that he only really wants to do one thing and doesn’t care too much for defense or passing (though can pass when he gets himself into trouble from overdribbling)

  5. Avatar Julian says:

    Jason Collins? You got to be kidding me.
    All he will be is a major distraction now that he has come out as being an openly gay athlete.
    Besides there are still a couple of F.A. that can be a back up center out there besides Collins.

    • Avatar edt says:

      he would be 15th guy on the roster, there is no problem with him being openly gay but there is a problem with him not being very good, at least with slava there was the hope some day he might get better slava got released, but we can’t resign slava because of the new CBA the old trade waive and resign had a 30 day waiting period now we have to wait for a year or July 1st, whichever is earlier.

      kinda sucks for him I dont think any other team wants Kravtsov so he might have to go back to the ukrane

    • Avatar Dree says:

      I saw that rumor too. Say it ain’t so! Not just for his orientation, but he’s garbage — has been for years.

    • Avatar Jake says:

      If he were good,I might be able to get over him being gay, but he’s awful.

  6. Avatar asdf says:

    do a tony mitchell tooned

  7. Avatar pistonsfan101 says:

    I feel like Drew Gooden could be a good pickup for the Pistons.

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