Motor City Detroit Pistons Alternate Jersey

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Detroit Pistons Alt Jersey
Detroit Pistons Motor City Jersey

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The #Pistons teased us Tuesday on their facebook page about a jersey hanging in Greg Monroe’s locker.  By the looks it was either a USA jersey signifying that Moose made the team, or a new Pistons alt jersey.   While I’d love to see Monroe on team USA I’m happy to see a SWEET new alt navy blue Pistons jersey with MOTOR CITY embroidered on the front.

The Pistons will be donning the jerseys on select nights.

  • Pistons vs. Celtics – Sunday, November 3
  • Pistons at Lakers – Sunday, November 17
  • Pistons vs. Lakers – Friday, November 29
  • Pistons vs. 76ers – Sunday, December 1
  • Pistons vs. Heat – Sunday, December 8
  • Pistons vs. Trail Blazers – Sunday, December 15
  • Pistons vs. Grizzlies – Sunday, January 5
  • Pistons at Mavericks – Sunday, January 26
  • Pistons at Celtics – Sunday, March 9
  • Pistons vs. Raptors – Sunday, April 13

Want one? Got to get on the waiting list at the Pistons Locker Room.

I’ve always wanted the Pistons to have a navy jersey and the fact that this one say Motor City on it make it even that much better.  I’m in!

6 Responses to "Motor City Detroit Pistons Alternate Jersey"
  1. Avatar Damien W. says:

    Time to add another jersey to my collection! 🙂

    I have a custom home white; a road blue Mehmet Okur and a red alt Jason Maxiell. I’ll gladly add a Navy Drummond. ^_^

  2. Avatar Bellllissimo says:

    If it were me i’d go with something a bit for flashy but I think everyone is trying to avoid the teal era thing (which i liked as a kid) so they went the safe route

    oh and i just looked through the schedule and i think its really unfair. We have about 11-12 home and home games. It’s hard enough to beat a team once let alone twice in a row so I think that puts us at a severe disadvantage from other teams and our quest for the playoffs. And we only have like 4 nationally televised games. And only 2 are on ESPN, the other 2 are on NBAtv. Kinda disappointed about that. I am excited about the fact the israeli championship team is coming here to play. Correct me if im wrong but wasn’t there a Israeli fan who used to come on this board a lot? I think she even dressed as Sheed for a video. I’m sure she’ll enjoy that lol

  3. Avatar jufka says:

    I don’t like those jerseys. Mainly because of the navy color. I have a feeling it is overused on jerseys. Even Pelicans used it on their jerseys. The current font and Motor City on the chest is nice but otherwise, meh. They should have brought back the red alternates, I really liked those. Or they should have come up with something totally different. Or maybe black as the main color of the jerseys, Black may be overused too, but I personally would rather go with black than navy. Black and current pistons blue and lettering would be good combination I think. Or maybe they should have put the Motor City around the number, like Motor on chest, number under that and City under the number…to make it more unusual. And maybe I am thinking too much about it, I wonť wear the jersey. they are not terrible, still better than Pelicans. But at least the jersey will make Josh Smith feel like home again.

  4. Avatar Tycoon says:

    Looks nice. But whatever the uniform is, lets get to the playoffs!

  5. Avatar Julian says:

    new jerseys, new coach, new players, hopefully new results too!

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