Videos: 24 Seconds with your favorite Detroit Piston

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Here goes another addition to my Video section on  As I was rifling though my archives I didn’t realize just how funny some of these 24 seconds bit were.  Who knew Sheed disliked cauliflower so much?

What I didn’t realize though was if I went through a  list of online sportsbook reviews  that Jason Maxiell would make so many appearances and Rip Hamilton really wanted to be a rap star.

Enjoy the 24 Second Vault

[No videos found]

The permanent link to the gallery is here 24 Seconds.

One Response to "Videos: 24 Seconds with your favorite Detroit Piston"
  1. Avatar Cotrav says:

    My sheedtastic comment is good of the videos to appear on site of sheed. I like the videos. They are cool. They are fun. They are most of all neat. Thank you for video of sheed on the site web log!

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