Rasheed Wallace is in Orlando on the bench coaching The Pistons

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It’s all but done when it comes to Sheed via Matt Dery.

Coach Sheed is no longer a dream!

Listen to Coach Sheed

8 Responses to "Rasheed Wallace is in Orlando on the bench coaching The Pistons"
  1. Something about this makes me very happy. It may just be the fact that there will be tons of techs called on the coaching staff this season because of Sheed acting like an average fan and getting upset over every single call.

  2. dp says:

    rasheed, love of my life

  3. Bellllissimo says:

    i’d love to see nat try to get a interview with sheed. lol would be fun

  4. Franz says:

    Man, I got so excited. Doesn’t happen often for me to be so excited for a coach, especially assistant coach.

    Sheed will be saying: Only one team played hard after a tough loss! 🙂

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