Josh Smith Tooned

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Josh Smith Tooned - Detroit Pistons

Josh Smith Detroit Pistons Cartoon LogoNew Detroit Pistons Josh Smith Tooned. If you follow the site or me @Need4Sheed_com you knew this was coming. It may not be as exciting as Smith’s first dunk for Detroit, but if you’re part of the Detroit Pistons team you’re getting tooned by me.

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6 Responses to "Josh Smith Tooned"
  1. Avatar Howard Keeton says:

    More waste of money.

  2. Avatar Julian says:

    I think Gores was itching to make a big splash with all his cap space this year and Joe D sure did. Yes, J. Smoove is not a perfect fit for the Pistons but KCP and Knight will get a lot of open 3 point shots when teams collapse on the Dre, Moose, and Smoove. Their fast break points will go through the roof with Dre and J Smoove out there running the floor.
    Not to mention better rebounding and much better defense with a possible starting lineup of KCP, BK, Dre, Moose and JSmoove.
    Wow. I see some low scoring games for our future opponents.

  3. Avatar Bellllissimo says:

    its amazing how you do such minimal toons but they look more alike to the players than NBA2k13 does

  4. Avatar FutureMogul says:

    PG: W. Bynum 22mins/ B. Knight 13mins/ Billups 13mins
    SG: Rudy Gay 23mins/ KCP 12mins/ B.Knight 10mins/ Luigi Datome 3mins
    SF: J.Smith 25mins/ Rudy Gay 8mins/ Luigi Datome 12mins/ KCP 3mins
    PF: G.Monroe 25mins/ J.Smith 10mins/ J.Maxiel 13mins
    C: Drummond 28mins/ G.Monroe 12mins/ Jerebko 8mins

    Pistons still have even more qualified bench contributors that didnt even make this list:
    LAST SEASON K.Singler avg 28mins, K.Middleton avg 17mins, C. Maggette avg 14min. Roster competion is at an all-time high for Pistons as Maxiel avg 25mins, Jerbko avg 18min Last Year

    Expect Drummond, Datome and KCP minutes to increase as season goes on.
    Main/ 3pt TriggerMen: Billups, Datome, Knight
    Pistons stills wont be good 3pt team, but will have many Free Throws & Dunks & Rebounds
    In 2-3 years pistons will either be East Title contending or a team with a lot of Young Assets & Cap Space

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