Everybody Dance Again Big Shot Is Back!

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Chauncey and Sheed a band of brothers together again.
Chauncey Billups and Rasheed Wallace GIF

That’s by far the second best animated gif I’ve ever made.

8 Responses to "Everybody Dance Again Big Shot Is Back!"
  1. Wage says:

    Yes Nat,
    I must agree with ya…LMAO!!!! Now where is Rip? Bulls let him go…

      • Wage says:

        Yeah, Y not? It looks like a reunion tour lol…but Vets are always needed to help the up and coming players. Don’t u think?

        • Piston_fan_phl says:

          The thing with Rip is he was a bad locker room presence on his final years in Detroit. He also led the mutiny against John Kuester. Personally I don’t want him to mentor our young guys.

          • Bellllissimo says:

            i remember the mutiny and watching Austin Daye on the bench during the game when he couldn’t play. That was the point i think i lost all respect for Austin Daye. Because that along with lockout stories how insulted guys for telling him to stop arguing with refs made me realize just how much of a baby he was. Ever since then i never wanted to see him in a pistons uni again

  2. Julian says:

    Results from today`s final summer game.
    Dre: 18 RB plus was the leading scorer for the Pistons with 23 pts. Looks like he is ready to be the starting C for the Pistons but he has to stay out of foul trouble.
    KCP: 15 pts Playing better.
    Siva: 9 assists. May stick with the team.
    English: Not good, missed most of his shots

    • Riv says:

      English just got released. He probably knew it was coming when they signed Billups. Siva might get a chance to play if they use Billups more as a mentor or the inactive list, but that would depend on Siva. I think it will be the other way around at the beginning if billups is healthy. I read that they only plan to use billups as a backup anyway. If Siva ain’t ready now, stash him overseas and bring him back next season.

  3. Zay says:

    Hey Nat what happened to the Need4Sheed podcast?

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