Chauncey Billups is Back in Detroit!

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Chauncey BillupsMr. Big Shot will come back to the Pistons on a two year deal. No this isn’t a joke Billups is Back!

Nearly a decade after resurrecting the franchise and leading it to an NBA championship, Chauncey Billups has reached agreement on a two-year contract to return to the Detroit Pistons, league sources told Yahoo! Sports.

The deal will be worth $5 million-plus for Billups, league sources said.Chauncey Billups in his glory days as a Piston. (Y! Sports)

Billups, 36, hopes to finish his career where it blossomed in the glory years of the Billups-Richard Hamilton-Ben Wallace Pistons of the mid-2000s. Billups will play the part of mentor for young Detroit guard Brandon Knight, and be a rotation guard off the bench for Detroit. Via Yahoo Sports

Chauncey Billups old School ToonI don’t know what to say, first Sheed back on the bench and now Chauncey is back, who’s next Darvin Ham?

Gotta love having Chauncey back, and I can tell you that the Palace will have a lot more visitors this season.

40 Responses to "Chauncey Billups is Back in Detroit!"
  1. dp says:

    i am lןving in a dream!!!

  2. says:

    What everyone thought would happened finally does… the old championship squad will act as mentor for the new pistons generation…

  3. Dennis (Germany) says:

    This is so awesome! This team is getting really exciting! Looking forward to next season already!

  4. Julian says:

    Mr Big Shot should provide decent backup minutes for the Pistons even at age 36. He can also mentor our young guards which is worth more than his salary.
    English will not be resigned and also one more player also will be cut in order to get down to the 15 roster number. All second round picks are at risk of not making the final roster in my opinion. That is the reality of the NBA.
    Can`t wait to get Stuckey and CV31 off the roster at the end of this year.
    That frees up $16 million of cap space for JD to spend.

  5. Ben says:

    Hey Rip just got waived by the Bulls, maybe we can get him too

  6. DeltaG says:

    I was going to say that trading away Chauncey for cap space was the one “truly unforgivable” mistake that Joe D ever made, but technically if he’d turned that cap space into LeBron I would have forgiven him.

  7. Cindy says:

    Just as it should be! Chauncey will play his last years in a city that adores and appreciates him! I cannot wait for October!

  8. Julian says:

    1. If Stuck does not get traded, then English gets cut loose and Siva ends up playing in the D league or in Europe for a year working on his game.

    2. What number is Chauncey going to use? Dre is using #1 at this time.
    Billups should retire as a Piston not a Clipper

    3. Can not wait to see the fast break dunkathon and block shots on D with Dre and J Smoove out there.

    • terry says:

      Drummond already said he’d give up #1 for BBBBillups.

      • jon says:

        NOOOOO! I just got a Drummond jersey. It isn’t so easy to go buy a new one living in Tampa. I am fine with Billups coming back, but never really liked him. I always had issues about how he performed in the playoffs after 04. Yeah you win the championship, yeah finals MVP, prove it again. I might have been one of the few to be happy when he and RIP left, RIP for his personality. I have met him a few times before and after games down in Orlando, and he would never sign anything for fans.

  9. bufkus says:

    This pretty much means that Peyton Siva and Kim English will be dropped from the roster, right?

  10. Jopps says:

    All these memories returning. I was just notified of this transaction and I screamed. I screamed, everyone..

    I haven’t been this happy in a long time. Just seeing this guy back in Detroit is more than enough to make me this happy.

    This summer has been amazing and has surpassed what I could have imagined. All the memories of the early 2000…

  11. Nate says:

    He HAS to wear #1 though… Looks like Dre’ may have to get a new number…

  12. m00duck says:

    First of all, I couldn’t watch any Pistons’ games last year after the All Star break cuz games were just horrible. I promised myself not to watch Pistons till new season, wasn’t even excited about the last season at it’s beginning, just another year of rebuilding and the same old Stuck CV thing I can’t stand.

    But now I’m in my dream. And Drummond with Monroe should feel the same way.

    SHEED+CHAUNCEY – the best that happened to this team since Isaiah Thomas.
    Now they will bring here moral toughness, understanding of the game, huge knowledge of the game and dedication to the franchise that made them champions!

    Pistons’ young core should be very excited, and we should be.

    Joe D, this offseason is all I wanted as a fan, don’t stop, show us if you have something more in your sleeve, man!

  13. m00duck says:

    The thing i like aside of Sheed and Chauncey is that Joe D uses other options, than NBA players, you basically can give eauropean player a contract without giving up players, and thee players are often gems you need for the team, like Kirilenko, Belinelli, Gallinari, Delfino, Scola, Batum and so on.
    This is a good gamble, when you bring an Italian MVP for these money and you give nothing, just money and one roster position.

    Maybe Datome have no NBA experience, but I watched Italian league, it’s great competition. He will make the roster.

    By the way, in Italia they call Datome GIGI.
    Call him GIGI 🙂

  14. Luciano Pereira says:

    Next man in the Palace will be Rip Hamilton!

    • Brian says:

      He better be! When Rip and Chauncey played together they brought the best out in each other. They were a great duo!

  15. Farid Muhammad says:

    Excited! this truly made my day/morning… cant wait for the season.

  16. edt says:

    mind blown.

    no words.

  17. DJ says:

    This made me SMILE! Welcome back BBBBBBBillups! Shooting, leadership, championship swag! Now he can show Stuck B Knight what a PG really is! Playoffs or BUST!

  18. Markov7 says:

    now, one questin for joe d – now that things worked this way, was it really neceseary to make that chauncey-iverson trade few years ago?i dont wanna be rude but form this point of view past moves – plain stupid

  19. NJ says:

    I like it, Dumars might have just silenced a few people with that move. Billups back in the PG spot and just might have put Detroit back into the playoffs. Good move.

  20. Bellllissimo says:

    I know i should be happy but how can you get excited about billups with bigs who like to ally oop. I don’t think billups threw a single alley oop pass his whole time here.

    I said from the moment it happened that billups for iverson was horrible, but we did it because of complacency on the team. Billups and Sheeds too cool demeanor was one of the reasons. I don’t want them infecting the young guys minds of play smart but not hard.

    His role will be mainly mentor and he can have the effect larry brown had on him with brandon knight. Honestly would prefer Peyton Silva to stay. I’m cool if Kim English is gone though

  21. Julian says:

    Would not be surprised if Billups ends up coaching after he hangs up his Air Jordans in a year or two.

  22. Franz says:

    Couple of thoughts

    – Billups will probably be a backup PG AND SG. He played SG for most of his minutes in LA. He might start the season until KCP gets used to the NBA rhythm. Of course Will Bynum’s signing doesn’t make that much sense, due to a) Billups signing and especially b) how Peyton Siva is playing right now in the Summer League (the guy is a pure PG. Purest since Billups left. I think Siva should definitely get a deal). So Knight will probably start at PG and will, Siva will split the minutes. Drummond and Siva already built great chemistry during the Summer League games. He’s the new Bynum, only without all the wanna-be-go-to-guy. He’s keeping it plain and simple, without any heroic shots.

    – As Dumars said, he will get the organization in the right direction through all three possibilities (draft, free agency & trades). I think we will see a trade with Charlie and / or Stuckey and / or Bynum and / or JJ. Only problem is that I heard that signed players cannot right away be traded.

    So I think we’re save with Siva!

  23. Richie Halas says:

    Haha, it’s funny how quickly some people forget and what several years of perspective can do for spoiled fans. Remember in 2006 and 2007 when the Pistons would lose in the ECF and so many people would come to this very site to whine and complain about how these great players that brought home the championship in ’04 were washed up and too old. Some people just couldn’t wait for Joe to blow it up. Then one by one as the disappeared and the losses piled up people learned just how good they had it, and how rare chemistry and players like that really are. Now people are beaming just to hear that a couple of them will be on the bench. You never know what you have ’till it’s gone.

  24. Julian says:

    I really like Siva, because I think that he can be an assist machine for the Pistons but since we signed 2 veteran PG in Bynum and Billups he may not make the roster this year barring any last minute trades. Another issue is that we have a bunch of players that play mainly SF right now.

    Here is my final projected 15 player roster as things stand right now:
    JJ: PF
    J Smoove:SF
    Tony M.:SF
    Mr Big Shot:PG

    The Pistons have a lot of players that can play several different positions including Moose, J Smoove, Singler, and our combo guards.
    Since you can only play 12 players on game day, I see Middleton and Mitchell sitting out most games.

  25. Julian says:

    Kim English officially waived by the Pistons today.
    Remember the Pistons will probably lose their first round (protected) draft choice next year.
    So I hope they can keep Siva either on the 15 player roster or in Europe for a year until Chauncey retires. I doubt Billups plays two years.

    • Bellllissimo says:

      not sure why we waved him. dont need to trim the roster until after training camp

      • Jake says:

        Had to guarantee his contract if not waived before today.

      • edt says:

        we can keep 20 until the regular season starts now dont quote me cause him not exactly sure how NBA contracts work but I think at least for Kim’s contract, we had to sign him by friday or he would automatically become a free agent and he sucks so we waived him.

        I think rip got waived too so he’s also an unrestricted free agent. Rip has plenty of game left, he should find a place. . .

  26. Adamd says:

    So happy. Not we must amnesty charlie. Most excited for this pistons season, it has been a while since I have considered us competitive

  27. Tycoon says:

    Nat, Darvin Ham made me laugh, haven’t heard of him in a while. This is so good news!

  28. Lori says:

    I was hoping for this but never thought it would actually happen! Amazing! Wonderful! I’m going to run out of superlatives.

    Felt the same way about the draft last year. I wanted Drummond so badly and almost fell off the couch when we got him!

    • Bellllissimo says:

      i was in the chat for drummond once people saw he was available everyone just started saying OMG get drummond if joe d doesn’t get drummond fire him lol

      and yeah now drummond is pretty much our best player. i still wanna see him block more shots but he’s doing good rebounding and scoring

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