Brandon Jennings in Detroit?

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The newest rumor down the pipe is Brandon Jennings to the Pistons.  Problem is that Joe Dumars vehemently denies any such talks with his old friend John Hammond in Milwaukee.He’s also denying any such talks about bringing Rondo to Detroit or the fact that he would trade Brandon Knight.

Personally I don’t believe Dumars, he’s just not going to show his hand and make his players upset about possible trade rumors if they don’t happen.  As far as Brandon Jennings is concerned, he’s to wishy-washy and selfish for me to want to give anything at all for him.  Sure he can dazzle at times and put up huge nights, but he’s not the type of guy that you build around.

Is this a Pistons summer to remember or what?

6 Responses to "Brandon Jennings in Detroit?"
  1. Avatar C-Quense says:

    I hope that’s just balderdash. If it’s true, you can congratulate Dumars for the next dumb summer action. Cap wise Detroit would be locked for the next years, with players who don’t bring you over the hump. Jennings is just an average selfish player (just like AI was).
    You just signed Chauncey, so you don’t need to chase after another PG, unless it’s Rondo. Don’t forget that you have to pay Monroe next summer and you should better do that! He’s worth every dollar you have to spend.
    Besides I’m not a friend of that Josh Smith signing at all, cause he’s not solving our problems, except athleticism.
    You have to give Knight with Chauncey as his mentor and leader a chance. Billups/Knight/KCP/Smith/Monroe/Drummond sounds really nice to me. Don’t give that young core up. You’ve got a realistic shot at the playoffs.

    • Avatar Jake says:

      Why rondo? A line up with rondo, smith, moose, and Dre is scary to think about offensive wise. And if you don’t like JR then u don’t like Jennings either. I guess I can’t blame u Nat.

      • Avatar josh blue says:

        Okay, i know im repeating myselfm however:

        i live in boston. i watch rondo a LOT.

        He has HUGE holes in his game. he’s a terrible defender. he cant shoot free throws (he didnt play late in games, which forced pierce to run point). he cant hit jumpers. he gets bored easily. he doesnt listen to coaches. he shrionks from contact (he constantly dishes oput from drives when he should go to the rack) he’s small. he’s moody. he’s extremely streaky. he gets into funks that can last for weeks if something doesnt go the way he wants. he’s fragile, both physically and mentally.

        Rondo is by far the most overrated PG in the NBA.

  2. Avatar Riv says:

    If you need to dump Stuckey or CV31 and Knight for Jennings then maybe. I am not a big Rondo fan because he can be a head case at times. I would rather see Knight grow under the wings of Mo Cheeks and Billups for one year. Remember, Billups was not a great PG until someone helped him. The Pistons seem to have everything lined up to get back to a playoff contender. With a few minor tinkering, I think we are there. But we need to make good moves not just moves. I am glad that Will Bynum is back because he was so good with Dre and at a reasonable price.

  3. Avatar Hristo says:

    Woooow , a new layout. It will be tough to get used to,looks good though 😉

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