Pistons Fans Get Ready for Mo Cheeks

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Mo Cheeks Detroit Pistons

“Mo Cheeks has emerged as the strong frontrunner to become the Detroit Pistons’ head coach, on a contract could begin soon, league sources said.
Maurice Cheeks has been a part of Scott Brooks’ Oklahoma City staff for four seasons. Detroit’s ownership and management reached a consensus on Cheeks as their choice, league sources said.
Cheeks was a finalist for the job along with another ex-Portland Trail Blazers coach, Nate McMillan.” Via Yahoo Sports

Some of you may remember Cheeks as the head coach of the Philladelphia 76ers for “05 to “08 and some of you, like myself remember him as a heck of a point guard in the NBA.  Cheeks was a late second round pick who played 15 years in the league. Cheeks ranks fifth all-time in steals and tenth all-time in assists. When he retired  in 1993, Cheeks was the NBA all-time leader in steals and ranked fifth all-time in assists.  He averaged 11.7 points per game in his 15 season.

As an NBA assistant coach under Larry Brown he helped lead the his Sixers to the NBA Finals in 2001.

As a NBA head coach he didn’t have much success, missing the playoffs in his first two seasons and leaving the Sixers with a losing record.

So what’s so great about the Cheeks eminent hire?  He’ll help Brandon Knight become a PG.

Will he turn this team around?  Not with the roster that’s in place.

Should Pistons fans be excited? I’m not, but a coach alone isn’t the thing that is going to catapult this team into contention.

Next step for Detroit is roster moves (if any) and the NBA Draft.

22 Responses to "Pistons Fans Get Ready for Mo Cheeks"
  1. Emilio says:

    I can’t believe they picked Cheeks! But you’re absolutely right. Without great talent in place then it’s all for nothing. Phil Jackson has won tons of championships but look who he’s had to work with.

  2. Markov7 says:

    ……… God help pistons?

  3. Clyde says:

    Did Tom and Joe really need Phil to help them find Cheeks?

  4. Maurice Cheeks says:

    Hello Pistons fans. I look forward to joining you in Detroit and working closely with Joe Dumars, the Pistons organization, and you the fans to turning this into a winning team and getting back to the playoffs really soon.

    Time for Detroit Basketball to return. Hope to see you all there at the Palace supporting this team

    Maurice Cheeks

  5. TelePow says:

    Hey Maurice! if you turn that bar ————–>
    all Blue, then!! you have my respect.

  6. Bellllissimo says:

    aww how can this guy not get you excited nat
    he did this

    • zane says:

      Not sure if I was excited he helped her or the fact I saw the words playoff….. but I say what do we have to lose every year we start the season with so much hope only to be disappointed.. I say if nothing else being a Piston’s fan should have taught us expect the worse but hope for the best… to be continue…. Joe you’re on the clock trades and draft picks…

  7. Tycoon says:

    Hello Maurice, we’re all hoping for the best! Cheers!

  8. NJ says:

    HAHA…..Cheeks, that’s hilarious…..good luck with that. Geroge Karl would have been a better hire. Pistons will finish last or second to last in the Central again. hell thye might as well keep SUCKey while their at it. pistons haven’t made a good decision since Davidson and Chuck Daly past away. Coincidence…I think not.

  9. ToniGizzLe says:

    We got our coach OKAY COOL. I love to see him turn Knight into a PG we been waiting for, because Knight does have the talent it’s just will he want to step his game to the next level. I would like to see Joe Dumars try and push for a trade with Dallas for their 13th Pick and Shawn Marion. We already have 8th pick and getting 13th will help us a lot and this is why. If lucky we can pick SG-Victor Oladipo at 8th and PF-Tony Mitchell at 13th. Two hard working players, and type players this team and roster needs bad. Tony Mitchell would be great back up PF behind Greg Monroe a player that will give you rebounds, dunks, hype and boost off the bench. Oladipo we all know he is Tony Allen type player which i love and fits Detroit Pistons great! Let’s see what happens on June 27th and hope we get lucky somehow! ” Move Stuckey, Charlie, Jerebko, Maxiell, ” let them go and shine somewhere else.

    Let’s not give up Pistons fans !

  10. DJ says:

    This pick as coach saddened me. Seriously! When we fired Flip hired Curry I knew he’d be fired after the season. he Keuster hire was suspect & proved to be a disaster, so we try fixing that booboo on the knee by swiftly kicking he knee! Keuster moved to make room for Lawrence Frank! A mediocre coach at best who benefited having Jason Kidd on his roster in his prime to build a winning record as a coach. So now, winning coaches like Lionel Hollins, George Karl & Jerry SLoan are available & coaches who have gotten to the playoffs numerous times with weak rosters like Nate McMillan, Larry Drew & even Del Negro are available & coaches who have made it to he finals at least once like Avery Johnson & Byron Scott are available & we hire Mo Cheeks! He is not a good coach & after a 2-8 start will no doubt be fired! It’s gonna be another LONG season for Piston Fans, that is unless there is a hidden gem that has superstar potential & drops to 8th. #wishfulthinking

    • ToniGizzle says:

      Lionel Hollins, George Karl & Jerry SLoan are available but you need to understand they are not going to coach a rebuilding team. They are also chasing that ring, that’s why they are hot topic with Clippers, Grizzlies, Lakers and other teams that have a chance and a roster to win a NBA championship. Detroit Pistons is far from it but I do think Cheeks is the right guy for Knight and this young talent we have. Hope things do turn around and JOE & TOM GORES both do work this summer !

      • Nj says:

        You mean they are not going to coach a team full of busts that isn’t going anywhere for years to come…..your right on that one.

  11. Tycoon says:

    Can we trade our draft for Kawhi Leonard?

  12. Conway Eastwood says:

    Hey, if Larry Brown says he’s good, then he might not be all that bad.


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