A Need4Sheed: Rasheed Wallace in mix to become an assistant to Maurice Cheeks

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Coach Rasheed Wallace

Coach Rasheed WallaceThat’s right, it looks like this website’s name may not be as stale as I thought it was.  We all thought Sheed would make a great coach one day and it looks like we may get to see him on the sideline in Auburn Hills.

“Former Piston Rasheed Wallace is in talks to join Maurice Cheeks’ coaching staff, multiple sources tell the Detroit News.

Wallace played for the Pistons from 2004-09, being the missing piece of their championship team and has been generally regarded as one of the smarter players of his generation, despite his testy relationship with coaches and referees.

He and Cheeks’ relationship dates back to their days in Portland, when Cheeks was head coach and Wallace was in his younger days as an All-Star forward.” Via The Detroit News



9 Responses to "A Need4Sheed: Rasheed Wallace in mix to become an assistant to Maurice Cheeks"
  1. josh blue says:

    Well, if i cant have Laimbeer as an assistant coach (though certainly cheeks needs more than 1, right? *holding out hope*), my second choice would be Sheed. I fairly happy with how the team is shaping up….i would be estatic to get Rasheed back

  2. sdsanders says:

    Believe it or not, I was praying for this to happen. The coaching staff needs credibility, not just “basketball smarts”. Under Larry Brown Sheed knew every play from every position like the back of his hand.

  3. Rasheed Wallace is a lot smarter than people give him credit for. I think that he’ll make a fine addition to the coaching staff.

  4. zane says:

    Hey sheed /Wallace but I’m just hoping sheed don’t lead the team in techs off the bench but the piston’s are up and coming… and Joe’s not done I’m glad he didn’t take Burke just because everyone was yelling his name like he was gonna save the team to much pressure for a team that has needs beyond his ability……

  5. Bellllissimo says:

    as i coach i want someone who will motivate. is sheed a motivator? He says the right stuff but his demeanor on court says different

  6. gordbrown says:

    Keeping my fingers crossed this doesn’t fall through

  7. Riv says:

    Rasheed has always been a great team mate and also regarded as having a high basketball I.Q. With a team that is rebuilding with a lot of potential, there is for sure a NEED 4 SHEED in the house. I also would like for the pistons to keep Will Bynum if possible. He had such good chemistry with Dre’ when given a chance. I think Mo Cheeks could help Knight with point guard skills and let Jose Calderon walk. I like the pick of KCP being a shooting guard as oppose to drafting Trey Burke. Can he be another Joe Dumars, another unpopular pick at the time that turned out OK? we’ll see.

  8. Tycoon says:

    Seems like a make or break season for Joe. Sheed talks must be a done deal soon. Off-season looks good so far, Andre Iguodala rumors in the air. If that happens, that’ll be great.

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