The Clippers Crush The Pistons

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This one was just about over from the opening tip Sunday evening in Los Angeles. The Clippers gave the Pistons a 129-97 beating that consisted mostly of jaw dropping highlight from the home team.

Key Points:

  • Brandon Knight may never get over this one.

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  • Watching this was hard on any Piston fan. Thankfully Greg Monroe took the thumping very seriously.

Greg MonroeGreg Monroe: “There was just no effort, no fight,clearly upset and clearly sending a message. “It was an embarrassment. Maybe guys don’t care. Something has to change, though. This can’t continue. If you don’t want to play, just say it. This has got to stop. This is unacceptable.”

  • Greg finished with 10 points, five boards, and four assists. He may not always fill up the box, but one thing about Monroe he always seems to be giving 100%.
  • Nothing was working for Detroit, they allowed the most points the Clippers have scored since a 140 point overtime victory four years ago.
  • Nice to see Chauncey score 10 with six assists for the Clippers.
  • Highlights via

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  • Jose Calderon led the Pistons with 18 points, 4 assists and a steal in 29 minutes. I think his assist to turnover ratio since getting to Detroit isn’t as good as it was, but somehow I don’t think it’s his fault.
  • Brian Hill filled in for L Frank who probably won’t be able to be with the team for this entire trip.
  • The Clippers shot 62% on the night.
  • The 32 point loss is the highest for Detroit all season long.
  • No need to keep going about this one. This is a game you want to forget if you’re rooting for Detroit.
  • It doesn’t get any easier Monday against the Jazz, who the Pistons haven’t been able to beat since they wore short-shorts in the NBA.
12 Responses to "The Clippers Crush The Pistons"
  1. m00duck says:

    That’s just a moment when I stop watching this team, good bye till the next season.
    I have no fun seeing rubbish team and dunk of the year on it’s leader.

    And this dunk wasn’t something Blake did to Mozgov or Perkins. The effort of Perkins was there. And Mozgov tried to take a charge.

    And Knight did something we do when it’s dunk practice. Just made this highlight comlete.

    I feel shame for this team now, I just can’t take it anymore. Just can’t watch what’s happening.

  2. Kennith says:

    Never was sold on B Knight, he’s so frustrating to watch. They’ll get better next season if Dumars does what he’s supposed to do.

    They are stuck with Charlie V and I don’t know a team in their right mind that would take Stuckey for the contract he has. I personally think that dude is a head case.

  3. edt says:

    you have a stronger stomach than me nat, I watched about 3 minutes that’s all i could take

    • It was tough…trust me. I also can’t stand west coast trips. This one gave me nightmares.

      • m00duck says:

        That’s a food for thoughts of the team’s office. When not only the team loses, but it’s fans and best players (like Moose) said there’s no effort now, when the game we love is so ugly the true fans can’t watch – something’s wrong. What else should go wrong for the office to realize their mistakes and (finally) make something out of…this? I mean out of about nothing they did constantly over the years.

      • edt says:

        The worst part will be when the band wagon fans climb back on board . . . .

        And they will nothing about all our suffering.

  4. Toteh says:

    Greg’s right, this been going on for a while now. Since the departure of Andre, guys are not playing to their potential. What we fail to relized is that our bench is gone, because of the impact of Will and Andre present doesnt exact again. Until the returen of Andre,We will see many games like that one.

  5. nikhil says:

    Good to see BK7 is getting some support for having the guts and discipline to not back out of the dunk. Hope he gets to redeem himself.
    As a young kid he has shown enough maturity so far.

    Looking forward to next season…..

  6. Muhammad says:

    that was rough! hard to watch… but Brandon Knight had the courage to jump and not fake jump and ran away from the poster…still hard as hell to watch. the only thing that keeps me optimistic is that we have money to spend…and we are one of the few financially responsible teams.. which is a good thing.. we have young talent..and it was encouraging that Monroe made those comments… shows mad maturity and leadership.. speaking truth and challenging others to step up or step aside = thats a good thing… #truePistonsfan…

  7. Marcin says:

    Credit BK7 for actually trying! I hate that stuff when people say he’s in a poster – so what – he played defence and the right way! All the fake players just back down…. remember Nate Robinson blocking Yao – that one could have ended this way as well….but he tried and succeded…..

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