It’s The Little Things

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I had a sad realization on Saturday night as I was watching the #Pistons take on the Bobcats.

I shouldn’t care that much when this team beats the Bobcats on a second shot by Charlie Villanueva.

I don’t know about you, but I always considered myself a true Pistons fan. I understand that they are in a transition and working towards building the team back up. I don’t expect record-breaking crowds at the Palace. I don’t think a sought after free agent will sign with this team unless some sort of blackmail is involved. I’m not expecting Tom Gores to do the things that Bill Davidson may have done to make Detroit a contender. I don’t think lottery balls will ever fall in the Pistons favor. I can go on and on.

I have taken things a little different in regards to watching the team the past few years. Contrary what most people think I am a team person not a player person. I know you wouldn’t think that since you are on a site called Need4Sheed, but it’s true. I may like certain players, but at the end of the day I’m all about the team. So when this team started their transition into what they are right now I started mine too.

George Blaha BobbleHeadI didn’t get a stomach ache any more after a team loss. I didn’t have to take the exact same route to the game. I stopped doing my little ritual when passing by a certain landmark on the way to ensure that the Pistons won. I didn’t find it necessary to always walk into the same door at the Palace when attending a game. I didn’t make sure I rubbed the top of George Blaha’s bobble head like he was a Buddha and say “count that baby and a foul,” before I sat down to watch a road game in my living room.

In other words, I stopped acting nuts.

So on Saturday night when I was watched Detroit struggle to beat a team that have just as many wins in the past two seasons as Michael Jordan’s jersey number I realized I care just as much about this team as I did when they were dominating the eastern conference. I had to record the game because I had a birthday party to go to, but when I got to the restaurant I noticed they had a bar with a bunch of TV screens. All of them on the NCAA tournament but one. The one at the very end where nobody was sitting was turned to the Pistons game. Heck with the birthday party, I grabbed my drink and plopped down in front of the Pistons game and watched the last quarter of the game.

I cheered,┬á squirmed in my seat, and I was a little too loud when Charlie V hit his shot. I cheered because I cared, and so did the team. A win, even though it didn’t really matter, mattered more than I ever thought it could.

So I can pretend that I don’t really care as much as I used to, but I’d be lying to myself.

It’s the little things that make you realize how much you love things even when they may not be as good as they used to be. I look forward to being as nuts as I used to be.

To the future of the Pistons.


28 Responses to "It’s The Little Things"
  1. Avatar Vlad says:

    Very well said Natalie!!! Fingers crossed this off-season we can sign a couple of key players and make our beloved team surge as an elite team again. Until then, Goo Pistons. And keep rubbing Blaha’s bubble-head, the W’s will eventually start dropping again.

  2. Avatar edt says:

    you’re not nuts nat. You’re a true fan. Keep patting that bobble head.

  3. Avatar Rashid Umar says:

    Well said Natalie. I find myself feeling the same way about this team. I was in the hospital for five days back in December and watched every game on my laptop. They loss every one but I was glued.

    “To the future of the Pistons.”

  4. Avatar Piston_fan_Phl says:

    Screamed at work when Charlie hit the clutch shot. Everyone looked at me wondering. lol. Anyway Nat, who are your prospects on next season’s draft? Some fans love Burke. Haven’t seen a single NCAA game (I don’t live in the US) but they say He can be the point guard of the future for Detroit. Saw some clips on the web. He’s good but picking him in the lottery is a bit of a stretch imho. I like Mclemore though.

  5. Avatar Muhammad says:

    Salute! #thatisall… lol

  6. Avatar Hristo says:

    Nat , I just loved it. You know, I’ve been a Piston’s fan since 2008 and thats when I found that site.I know its not a long time ago,but heck,I’ve never backed down from my love for this team.And you know what, I followed you for so long and now,as I have found other Piston fan sites with a lot more information and analyzis of the team, I still can’t deny that I love you.You are no Analyzer,no robot, you are a fan,like me,like many of us, and I respect that from deep in my heart.This post just got me,what can I say…

    Much love from Bulgaria,Nat, and sorry for the spelling, I hope you read this and know you are not alone in here.

  7. Avatar nikhil says:

    Very well written Nat.
    Hopefully pistons can turn this thing around next season. expectations are very high. Anything less than playoffs will be a failure but we have seen other teams in our divison get stronger ( indiana , milwaukee and even the cavs) so it won’t be easy. I trust Joe D and I trust Frank, my only fear is how long will Gores persist with this team before god forbid he sells them or moves them.

  8. Avatar NJ says:

    They’re gonna be in a transition period for another 10 years or so, get used to it lol

  9. Avatar Markov7 says:

    i ll go this far and say one of best i read from u nat at least for me,when u read it u can taste the true pain true pistons fans go trough and i swear if i wasnt emotional like a car carburetor i d cry lets just hope joe d doesent read bleecher report (sry nat i know they re u r colleagues but i just had to :p) and gets some ideas in his head,and he gets some good (smart trades fas or picks)
    sry for bad english but i think u get folks get my pic

  10. I’m glad that you guys feel my pain (not really) and enjoyed the peice. It’s unfortunate that we still have some some time before we will feel any different.

    On a side note… I really apreciate all of you who follow the team from other countries that don’t speak english as their native tounge. You don’t have to apologize, you speak very well.

    • Avatar Markov7 says:

      hell i can talk in my name but i bet there are lots of us like me from abroad that were with the team since first isiahs title and thx for the appreciation but for who are we gonna cheer for?lakers??hhhhh kidding we have to try to put some sun to clear the clouds in any way we can

  11. Avatar Markov7 says:

    btw i d need info if its ok i d like to get my hands on andres bobble head if there is such thing ne1 knows where to order?

  12. Avatar Nic "Toledo" Iagulli says:

    Its been a while since we have spoke Natalie and It’s kind of weird to say but I got chills reading that piece. You know the kind of Piston’s gear I wear to games and I had a lot of rituals and odd end things I did as well. I got chills because I remember the long drive up to the Palace and how crazy I used to be and it brought back awesome memories. I still love the team and can’t wait to bring back the glory days of the true red white and blue.

    This is only the ECF but it gets me jacked up

  13. Avatar Lori says:

    Natalie, you’re the best!

  14. Avatar Tycoon says:

    CV had some great games this season, amazing how he carried his team to victory against Bobcats.

    Btw, Vernon Macklin is a beast playing here. His teamates throwing him lob passes for alley oops and the fans love him. Just so bad in FTs that opponents use a hack-a-mack strategy on him.

    Markov7, your English is good. Decent people dont usually complain about someone else’s grammar.

    Rashid, hope you’re getting well.

    edt, I always see to it that I pay attention to your comments because they make sense.

    Nat, are you single?

    To all, cheers for a brighter future.

    • Avatar Markov7 says:

      thx friend its just that i have problems similar to bk7 my mind works fast and when its backed by my tongue it works fine but when it has to be backed by typing its like ferrari vs fiat so i m afraid i d be missunderstood and then whats the point of posting right :p on the other hand in my modest opinion bk7 s head says lets go to the rim but when his body trys to do that lol his hands shoot a 3 pointer

      • Avatar Markov7 says:

        and little add on on tycoon – edt i realy love u r posts too (please dont get offended others its not that i think others are underrated) cose in mosst of times almost exact things that re in my head are on u r posts so then i say to myself why bother typing the guy said it all lol

  15. Avatar Damien W. says:

    Oh man, how I love reading your articles Nat. ^_^ I’ve been a fan for a while now.. I wanna say like.. the ’03 season? But I’ve been a fan ever since.. yeah.. I joined at the highest of highs.. but I’m still here and I’m not going anywhere anytime soon… even if we don’t see the ECF for another 10 years (as painful as that sounds), I’m still going to be a fan.

    I am a true fan.

  16. Avatar Robert Bayer says:

    Really well written article and lots of respect ….
    I consider myself a great fan of the Pistons too .. Very little matters more to me .. But this squeaking by the BCs did not leave me cheering .. It was depressing to watch how the team played throughout the game .. eratic .. unfocused .. no plan .. no leader … The only realization I got out of this game is it is time for some or all of those running the Pistons (particularly the coaching staff) into the ground to go and find another team to wreck. I absolutely hate the way this team is being handled … every single position is up in the air .. PF-C-SG-PG-SF AND their back ups .. It is beyond ridiculous ..

    Having said that .. to all those cheering games like this .. Go for it and enjoy all the wins and great efforts that you see … Much respect for you to still be doing that … Go Pistons!

  17. Avatar Dan says:

    … What everyone said.

    Nat, this is where we come to get some heart. I’m a piston fan heart first, mind second ( not sure that translates ). The paid analysts and beat writers will never provide what you do. Thank you for sticking with it!

    Go pistons and here’s hoping we’ll see more heart on the court.

  18. Avatar Joel says:

    Cheers to you Nat. I myself have been a fan of the Pistons since 89-90, despite being a ten-year old and consider myself a team fan more than a player fan as well. Your piece is just a great read.

    Here’s hoping the future holds something more sure, secure, and superb for the Pistons.

  19. Avatar Colin says:

    This is perfect! Thank you for this! The past few weeks all I have been thinking is, it’s about time to start thinking about those ping pong balls. I can’t sit here and watch a full game when in the back of my mind I want them to lose. How can I root against my team. I’d rather just not watch. Well, I made sure I saw the highlights of that Charlotte game and seeing the teams reaction, I couldn’t help but smile. Maybe I don’t want them to tank after all. You’re right, it’s that transition and it’s going to take a lot longer than I was originally thinking. That doesn’t mean I’m any less of a fan. Heck, I need to be that one person showing the love when they need it the most. Props to you and thank you for this entry!

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