Andre Drummond To Start Tonight For The Pistons

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Andre Drummond

Look like Andre Drummond is healthy and going to make his first career start for the #Pistons tonight as they take on the Toronto Raptors Friday night at the Palace of Auburn Hills.

5 Responses to "Andre Drummond To Start Tonight For The Pistons"
  1. Markov7 says:

    finally somethin intresting

  2. Julian says:

    It is about time, unfortunately there are only 10 games left.
    It could be a preview of next year`s starting lineup?

  3. Dennis (Germany) says:

    Lol, so that means I’m gonna watch tonight! Didn’t think I would be that excited again this season!

  4. Damien W. says:

    One hand, I’m happy as hell to hear him back healthy and playing again. On the other hand, with only 10 games left, I would rather have him not play and be fresh and totally 100% for next season (if the unlikely was to happen like Brandon Knight and injure himself not to soon after he returns). It’s gonna be nice to hear “Drummond Dunk” sometime in the near future, hopefully tonight. 😀

    Back on the other hand, I want Drummond back so my NBA 2K13 roster can actually have Drummond playable! Slava K. and Charlie V. can’t grab a rebound worth diddly. >_<

  5. Dan says:

    I’ll be looking at how Calderone comments with Dre. Better or worse than the Bynum – Dre combo? How will Monroe have to adjust? How will Calderone and Knight have to adjust? I’m looking forward to this one, knowing there won’t be many minutes to enjoy. I can’t see anyone of the other starters having to give up anything due to a Drummond start.

    I am expecting moose to start next to Dre Frank…

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