A Timberwolves Thrashing

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Greg Monroe Pistons-vs-Timberwolves

The #Pistons lost their seventh straight home game Tuesday night falling to the Timberwolves 105-82.

Key Points:

  • Really?
  • Detroit let a the worst three-point shooting team that averages only five three-point makes a game hit 14 from downtown for 42 points.
  • Do they not know how to play defense or are they just not trying? I still can’t figure that one out.
  • Pummeled by a equally terrible Wolves team that hadn’t won two consecutive road game all season.
  • Detroit has not won a home game since before the All Star break.
  • Best part of the game was a thunderous (for a little guy) Khris Middleton dunk, who finished with 10 points.
  • Low-lights via NBA.com

[flashvideo file=http://nba.cdn.turner.com/nba/big/games/pistons/2013/03/26/0021201055-min-det-recap.nba_nba_576x324.flv /]

  • It’s one thing to get clowned by a team vying for a championship but come on.
  • Greg Monroe finished with 11 points and 12 boards with 4 steals on the night. I put Greg, Jose and Knight as the only ones out there that seem like they care right now.
  • I didn’t even know who Nikola Pekovic was but he rocked Detroit for 8 points and 11 rebounds in just 30 minutes.
  • No Will Bynum who sat with a hand injury.
  • Jose Calderon led the Pistons with 14 points, with just one assist on the night.

Jose Calderon Pistons-vs-Timberwolves
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  • It’s one thing to not be able to hit contested well defended shots but Detroit couldn’t make their open jumpers to save their lives. The Pistons shot 40% on the night.
  • Detroit was down just five early in the third and then they let the Timberwolves go on a shooting spree.
  • Just three Pistons in double figures.
  • If this is a bright side, it’s nice to see Slava, and the rest of the rookies get some time on the floor.
  • I wonder if L Frank sleeps at night?
  • You might want start figuring out where the Pistons are going to draft in the lottery or hope your NCAA bracket does you right. I’m setting my sites on new things I looking at odds for 2013 Kentucky Derby horse race. Maybe animals will bring be better luck than basketball.
  • Next up Toronto on Friday night at the Palace. Will Jose put up his best effort yet on the only other team he’s been with in the NBA?
8 Responses to "A Timberwolves Thrashing"
  1. Avatar edt says:

    another game I had to turn off after half time. lack of effort.

    You keep paying those dues Nat, I’m finding it harder and harder to watch a complete game.

  2. Avatar Dan says:

    My reaction on Middleton’s dunk showed how starved I am for some piston effort.

    I like Pekovic. Solid. He is exactly what the pistons doesn’t have inside. Slava isn’t the animal in the paint I hoped for. I hoped for something like Pekovic. Don’t know the people Dre has around him day to day, but there sure isn’t anyone on the roster that can help him grow. I’d like someone like a Pekovic. I say sign Big Ben for a 10 day then as an assistant until next season.

    If there had been paint presence this game would have been won. Piston D wouldn’t have had to collapse, paint help would have come from a shot blocker etc. (and on the offensive end the opposite applies – man playing D on the pistons must be easy, just no doubling, no collapsing and make Singler/Max/JJ shoot the ball)

    Frank – why are you on both ends playing a system you know you don’t have personnel for? Limited talent, mostly 2s and 3s – run, move the ball and shoot. more fast breaks and more assists. More zone D and more switches on the picks. Have the guys compensate for lack of talent and size by breaking a sweat. This is annoying.

    Frank – us fans would’t mind you sending a message to the team. bench the guys not giving it all.

    • Avatar edt says:

      “why are you on both ends playing a system you know you don’t have personnel for”

      Is there a system in basketball that works for bad players? Let’s use that one.

  3. Avatar Dan says:

    🙂 like it.

    I’m saying there are no real bigs on the roster. It is a broke mans heat ( pre Anderson signing ). So I say run and gun small ball. It’s not going to win a lot, but more than this.

    Just saw the heat-bulls game. Now that’s defence. Cudos to the bulls for that.

  4. Avatar m00duck says:

    I saw a security guy dancing, he’s got moves. Stuckey shoud take some lessons

  5. Avatar Dennis (Germany) says:

    So frustrating .. that’s why I already ended the season and stopped watching games a couple of weeks ago.

  6. Avatar pistonsfan101 says:

    Drummond back tonight STARTING

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