Kobe Could Have Been A Piston

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Kobe at the Palace of Auburn hills

News of a deal that nobody has seemed to know of until Kobe was pondering what Jerry Buss meant to him. Check out the piece over at Yahoo by the man who always gets the NBA scoop Adrian Wojnarowski.

“After all the anger and angst and fury of the immediate post-Shaq era had inspired Kobe Bryant to make a trade demand, Jerry Buss finally called his superstar guard to the owner’s home in the Los Angeles hills on an autumn evening in 2007.

The Los Angeles Lakers had found a trade for Bryant, but Buss warned him that it wasn’t to one of his selected destinations.

“Detroit,” Buss said.

The Lakers had agreed to a deal to send Bryant to the Pistons and needed Bryant’s approval to waive his no-trade clause. The package included a combination of Detroit’s core players and draft picks, sources say. Buss and Lakers general manager Mitch Kupchak needed an answer soon, because they refused to let the issue linger into training camp.” Via Yahoo.com

Kobe was willing to waive his trade clause to get out of LA, but decided he wanted to stay  a Laker after thinking about it.

I’m far from a Kobe Bryant fan, but honestly I would have welcomed him in Detroit for Rip, Tay and Amir Johnson and a first round pick. Really what a deal that would have been. Imagine what things may have happened and wouldn’t have happened in Detroit.

Seriously? Wow

2 Responses to "Kobe Could Have Been A Piston"
  1. Avatar Bellllissimo says:

    we would of had to have given up a prime tayshaun and rip? for a kobe? nah that would of been bad. Kobe isn’t that good of a player, he just shoots a lot more and isn’t really clutch. With kobe I doubt that 07 team would of made the playoffs

  2. Avatar Markov7 says:

    good thing it didnt happen id hate to see his egged-head in pistons jersey

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