The Pistons vs. The Knicks in London

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The Pistons vs The Knicks in London

The 14-24 #Pistons are in London England to play the 24-13 New York Knicks at the 02 Arena in London.

  • The good: Though many of fans think this regular season in England is a great idea, you have to be happy for the many, many NBA and Pistons fans across the ocean. It’s probably a dream come true for many fans that will be at the 02 Arena.
  • The bad: The Knicks are a very good team. Sheed may be out for the year for the Knick with a foot injury.

The known:

You know the Pistons are having a good time in England if you’re following and their twitter accounts, but I think Sheed is probably getting into some trouble.
Rasheed Wallace and the Queen in London

Since the game is on London time it will be shown Live on NBA TV at 3PM EST.

10 Responses to "The Pistons vs. The Knicks in London"
  1. Bellllissimo says:

    really hope slava or jonas get to play. And I hope Andre plays well so everyone can fall in love with him and we can get more london fans.

    I hope Carmelo does bad but knowing he will be guarded by Austin Daye most likely means carmelo will go for 50.

    Is it weird I think the pistons can win this? I wish I could see this live but I can’t. 🙁 I’ll watch it later though 🙂

    “i didn’t choose the Pistons lyfe. The pistons lyfe chose me”

  2. pistonsfan101 says:

    LOL, love the Sheed pic!!

  3. Mathias Q says:

    not a good start, i really hope frank play Jonas 33 there are so many Jerebko fans there tonight…Singler do not impress me at all in the first Q

  4. Nikhil says:

    missed free thorws are killing us…

    • Markov7 says:

      it would be smarter for singler to start practiceing 3-pointers rather than doin goffy shots over double decked bus

  5. Dan says:

    So saw this one in person here in London!

    The organisers did an excellent job. Bad half time entertainment, but otherwise great. A lot of things were in place to make it a real pistons game. Mason, the dancers, the flight crew, the lot. Honestly, Mason gave me more of a pistons buzz than the players today. We had bad boy Bill L in person with Starks, my all time favourite Knick Starks here ( cause of the finals dunk on da bulls).

    Ok so the game- look , I went with the mrs who has watched about 4 games ever, and I wasn’t more impressed than her. Her view was that ‘that number 12’ was the only one trying. And her question was why the coach wasn’t benching those lazy guys.

    Both teams seemed off and didn’t really try. This game was more of a shoot around with the most talented players winning the game. You need to want to win to be able to. CV’s defence worse than I thought. If you drain a three you can’t then let go of your guy in defence, especially not if he is a better shooter than you!

    Glad to see slava get some floor time. Really don’t understand Frank’s rotation now or why he lets guys continue playing when they need to get off the floor. I’ll rant on that another day. JJ should have played today, period.

    Really bad effort. Really disappointing. Go all the way to London then not bring the energy? Come on.

    Will go to bed now, but share more later..

  6. Dan says:

    Should finish off saying all in all I had a great night! Upset about the result and the effort, but so glad to have been able to enjoy a piston game in my home town with my wife. Big thanks to the NBA, the Knicks but mostly the Pistons organisation.

  7. Markov7 says:

    pathethic! all theese dumbasses should be traded but monroe and andre
    1.singler practice 3-pointer and get it done than u may make those “buckets” videos only bucket i saw last night was the one i was puking when u played
    2.i remember dee brown in a video that had passing training session – dude dee brown?that clown should do his damn job – train them to pass the bloody ball
    3.brandon knight?hhhhhhhhhh cmon lets be serious
    gosh i m so pissed

    • Markov7 says:

      and an add on: frank also makes me pissed as time goes by i m ean i get it even zen master couldnt get max out of theese 15 clowns they wear pistons uniform but cmon frank show some blood combined with brain work shake things up do anything!!
      gosh i m so pissed part2

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