The Pistons Over The Bucks

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Greg Monroe-Pistons-vs-Bucks

The #Pistons got back to work Friday night in Milwaukee after a long layoff and took down the Bucks 103-87 thanks to a 26 points from Greg Monroe and a stellar fourth quarter from Brandon Knight.  The win adds to the Pistons great play of late, who are now winners of five of their last seven games, the two losses coming in overtime.

Key Points:

  • Greg Monroe was superb game scoring 12 points in the third quarter pulling Detroit ahead after trailing 49-41 at the half.  Greg put up his 13th double-double of the season with 26 points, 11 boards, 2 assists and a steal.  He was also a ridiculous +35 in the box.  Greg looks like he has shaken off whatever funk he was in a few weeks back.

Greg Monroe-Pistons-vs-Bucks

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  • Knight took over in the fourth quarter for Detroit making sure the lead Greg helped gain didn’t go to waste.  He finished with 20 points, four boards, 2 steals and a +28 in the box.
  • Block Party!
  • Andre again looked like the future of the team with 11 boards, 8 points and 4 freaking blocked shots in just 17 minutes on the floor.

Andre Drummond Cartoon QuoteAndre Drummond: “At the start of the season when things wouldn’t go our way, we got down on ourselves. We know what we need to do now. We fight and compete every day. When good things happen, we’re excited, knowing we’ve worked hard to get to this point.”

  • Kyle Singler with 10 points, three assists and four boards.  He’s been looking like he’s stuck in this rut that really makes him more of a sixth many than anything else.
  • However I think Stuckey has been playing better coming off the bench.  He put up seven points with four assists a steal and two blocked shots in 22 minutes.
  • Maxiell helped the Pistons go on the run in the third quarter and finished the game 10 points and seven boards.
  • The Pistons outscored Milwaukee 33-11 in the third quarter and kept on rolling.
  • The Bucks has 12 blocked shots on the night.
  • The sign of Pistons youth movement, 20 fast break points.
  • Saturday night vs the Jazz at the Palace.


4 Responses to "The Pistons Over The Bucks"
  1. Avatar Markov7 says:

    socks ON baby!SOCKS ON!!

  2. Avatar paul says:

    would you believe somebody when they told u before the start of the season that we will have a comparable record to lakers at this point? haha

    • Avatar Markov7 says:

      lol paul good point

    • Avatar edt says:


      If anyone tells you they knew Drummond would be a future all star they are lying. There were questions about his rebounding (!!) his motor, his desire to play the game at all, and now . . .

      Drummond is ridiculous.

      I think the lakers are just old. But nobody predicted that they would get so old so fast. With jason kidd and ‘sheed playing at 104 years old, you know that players age differently. The lakers tho, they need some bond gold powder for their old man aches and pains.

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