Tayshaun Prince and Austin Daye Traded

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Pending league approval Taysaun Prince and Austin Daye have been traded to the Memphis Grizzlies in the Rudy Gay deal. The Pistons receive PG Jose Calderon from the Raptors, while Gay lands in Toronto.

Tay and Daye deactivated for the Pacers game.

51 Responses to "Tayshaun Prince and Austin Daye Traded"
  1. Darshan says:

    ARE YOU FRICKING KIDDING?!?! This is the stupidest trade Joe D has pulled off, stupider than the AI trade! WHAT IN THE HELL IS HAPPENING TO OUR BELOVED TEAM?!

    • rai_from_the_philippines says:

      I don’t know what to think about this trade. In my opinion, this trade leaves us with a sh*tload of guards and, very thin and unexperienced at the wings.

  2. edt says:

    love this trade

  3. Lena says:

    OMG NO. NO. NO. NO. I used to love Joe D. HOW COULD HE 🙁 The ONE guy that shows up. Every.single.game. Named my cat Tayshaun Prince. Shocked and bummed. Watching the game now. The Palace is all but void of fans. Getting us into bad trades like Charlie Killusnueva for ridiculous amounts of money- and getting rid of people fans appreciate like Prince, Billups, Tip and soon Stucky (if rumors are true), is ruining the franchise. Detroit fans are not fair weather fans. People are angry at the organization for horrible management by JOE DUMARS.

    • rai_from_the_philippines says:

      remnants of the 2004 championship team is completely gone!

    • hoophead says:

      I may agree on Billups, but how exactly keeping players like Rip or Prince was helping the Pistons in any way? Have those two players even been relevant in those past 5 years? Just because they were great during the Pistons championship run doesn’t mean Joe D should’ve kept them forever, especially considering they were causing some turmoil in the locker room according to several sources. Things change.

  4. From the D to DC says:

    I’m good with this. We’re not giving up anyone who’s part of the future – I like Tay, but he is not the future – we fill a need for this year’s team (neither Knight nor Stuckey is really a point guard, at least at this point), and we add to our boatload of cap space. Maybe we make the playoffs – we might be better giving up the Ben Gordon pick this year in a weak draft than getting a low lottery pick – maybe not, but before and after this trade we had to find our point guard and SF of the future. Now we have more resources to do it with, and maybe we have a decent short term plan B for the future in Calderon if he sticks around at a lower price tag.

  5. Shawn says:

    This leaves us with looaddddsss to spend in the offseason though, since Calderon’s contract expires after this season

  6. moe says:

    RIP 2004 championship team

  7. Geenee says:

    I think if Joe D will sign Josh Smith, it`s good for our team, If he don`t move don`t do anything, it`s too bad trade for our team.

  8. Julian says:

    Calderon and Daye are on their last year of their contracts.
    Tayshaun has a terrible 3 year deal that the Pistons unloaded. Now they have even more cap space for next year.
    But I believe this move means they are giving up on the playoffs for this year since we are now weak at SF. They will probably move Singler and JJ to SF since we have plenty of guards now.
    Hopefully with another lottery pick and a couple of quality FAs the young Pistons will be a playoff team next year.

    • Adamd says:

      I believe this is the most valid analysis of the trade. We can still be competitive but probably not playoff material. FA will be pretty exciting I think.

  9. eSlom says:

    So…. We chalk this season up as a loss, have another go at signing a big name(s), and hope we continue our success in the lottery? Pray we do better than we did in ’09..

    The Palace Prince will be missed. A true class act! Thanks for the memories, Tay!

  10. edt says:

    just look at this trade from three viewpoints

    first of all the raptors are big losers they have an anchor of a contract because they think rudy will be a superstar (he’s not).

    second of all from the griz viewpoint they are not getting much value, they get prince, but they are losing talent, why? The owner is desperate to shed salary and willing to make any deal. They also take Daye off our hands. I consider this a minus for memphis.

    So if there are two losers who wins?

    The pistons. They get rid of prince’s contract that is loaded too much on the tail end, we get a top ten point guard . . . who is it true lacks defense, but he can mentor knight, and show how to play the inside out game, he is also a good 3 point shooter, he can play basketball. he’s in the final year so after this year we will the ability to go after any free agent we want.

    This is the kind of deal if you can just make deal after deal like this you’ll build a championship team.

    • Markov7 says:

      i wrote just what i thought ppl like to live in memories as far as i read championship pistons are dead gota go in some new dirrections and this one looks really great really love u r post cose u say it all and really we can just hope knight can learn somethin from calderon but i dont really think he will

  11. DJxNVxME says:

    This is the best trade Joe Dumars has made since Rasheed Wallace. I am super excited for the future. Hopefully Joe doesnt sign some mediocre bums, and gets some solid talent to build around Drummond, Monroe, Knight.

  12. mohammed says:

    I am worried about the fact that we have a big cap space during a weak FA and weak draft season. It reminds me of the summer of Ben Gordon and CV. I hope that I am wrong.

  13. terry says:

    This was an exellent move! The only thing that couldve made this better is if Joe could’ve slipped stuckey in instead of Daye. Calderon is the perfect player for this team. Check his assist to turover ratio, he’s a true point and should start immediately playbook or no playbook. He should definitely be resigned at the end of the season. The only thing left to do is package up Stuck and Max for anything they can get, Slava deserves to play.

    PG Calderon
    SG Knight
    SF Jerebko
    PF Monroe
    C Drummond
    PG Bynum
    SG English
    SF Singler
    PF whatever big they can get for stuck and max
    C Slava

  14. AT says:

    No more buffoonery…

  15. RealGMToni says:

    Having Knight as a SG is a PLEASE NO ! Keep him a PG and now we have a PG he can learn from and teach the game. We don’t need another stucky. I give Knight 2 more years if he is the same player GET RID OF HIS MOFO ASS !!!!!!!!

    • Markov7 says:

      u dont need 2 more years they should get rid of him asap while he has value and small contract what u see at the moment is what u ll get from him in the future trust me

      • RealGMToni says:

        Others use to say the same about Billups i just still give him 2 more years if he is not a floor leader and pass first and becomes this turn over machine…. then yes TRADE NOW PLZ !

        • Markov7 says:

          agree but on billups u saw potential to be a true pg (ok its easy now to be a smartass and say like that but that is the truth how i felt at the time before detroit) and i just dont see that potential in knight for me hes just a baller who cannot be a true leader wahat true pg is as far as i m concerned he can become real pg and have 2 more years in any other team but pistons,that also reminds me od a coach whos first sentence always was, while coaching new team, “i need 2 more players” lol same thing s with knight – 2 more years
          when it comes to newbies u can see potential in andre u gotta be blind as bat if u dont rihght?u can even see potential in singler?there s no potential in knight ,same thing was with ben gordon remember he came from bulls he was terrible 2 by 2 by 2 years and u got 6 years wasted 2 years re enough to clearly evaluate who s good or who aint

          • RealGMToni says:

            Starting : Knight, Stuckey, Singler, Monroe, Drummond
            Bench: Calderon,English, Jerebko, Charile, Maxiell

            If we win Good if we Lose who gives a SH** because Pistons are one lost team and I’m not loving where our GM is taking us. We don’t have a true PG we dont have a true SG nor do we have a true SF !

            Knight needs to start and play with Monroe and Drummond to learn each others game and now with Calderon a true PG we got, Knight should open his eyes and learn the game and how to run the team and not to be push to 2nd spot as a SG this makes me sick. As a die hard Pistons Fan this GM and coaching decisions are making me SICK !!!!

            • Markov7 says:

              u forgot bynum and when u add him in rotation u can easily move knight outta starting lineup if starters were like u wrote em than this trade would made absolutely no sense calderon needs to be a starter he will have much more influence on the team stuckey and knight can rotate at sg as far as i m concerned but what we really need is an outside shooter and i mean a real one who can spread the paint so we can maybe get onne for knight (god yes i really cant stand the guy)

  16. terry says:

    This was an exellent move! The only thing that couldve made this better is if Joe could’ve slipped stuckey in instead of Daye. Calderon is the perfect player for this team. Check his assist to turover ratio, he’s a true point and should start immediately playbook or no playbook. He should definitely be resigned at the end of the season. The only thing left to do is package up Stuck and Max for anything they can get, Slava deserves to play. Thisshould be the line up for the rest of the season:
    PG Calderon
    SG Knight
    SF Singler
    PF Monroe
    C Drummond
    PG Bynum
    SG English
    SF Maggette
    PF Jerebko
    C Slava

  17. Jake says:

    I think this is a great trade, leaves us with about 30mil in of cap space this off-season. Joe should do the same thing with stuckey, trade him for a salary dump. Wouldn’t mind seeing Josh Smith or oj mayo come to town this off-season.any other ideas?

    • The Fan says:

      what if we got Dwight Howard and Josh Smith?

      • BillLaimbeer says:

        Do you really want to mess with Dwight Howard? Now that we have Monroe and Drummond? And with that attitude he’s showing in the Lakers? Gets slapped in the forearm, complains? He’s so whiny for a center who’s supposed to be a beast in the middle, I sure don’t want that in our blue collar team

  18. Corey says:

    Here’s my take:
    Sad to see Tay and Austin go if you’re not a bandwagon fan like so many critics of this team are, but at the same time a much needed move to advance this team toward the future. I’m happy about the addition of Calderon as he gives us something we’ve been clamoring about for years. While he’s definitely not a perfect solution, I’m excited to see a vocal player who plays intelligently. Contrary to what everyone else is saying, I think Stuckey is the best offense that we have outside of Greg Monroe, and I attribute his struggles to having to create his own shot almost every single time. I look for his performance to increase if he’s paired with Calderon on the floor. Also, Stuckey is our only true slasher. If we get rid of him, we lose our slash inside-kick out presence. Before everyone starts shouting “We have Knight and Bynum who can slash”, I would redefine slasher as one who can effectively SCORE with contact, get to the freethrow line, and kick it out to open players. Not to mention he’s money from the freethrow line. I’m comfortable with the Knight/Calderon/Bynum trio with Knight being the occasional tweener, Stuckey/English as our only real SG’s, Singler (tweener)/JJ (tweener)/Maggette, Monroe(tweener)/Maxiell/CV, and Drummond/Slava??

    All that said, I honestly think if we drop CV and get a quality scoring big like Brandon Wright and a solid SG/SF, we’re right there in the competitive mix.

    • edt says:

      stuckey has been terrible 2012-2013. He was great last year in mar and feb.

      Could be stuckey won’t get his mojo back this year at all.

      I used to like stuckey but . . .

      Think about drummond and moose. We NEED floor spacing. Those two giants are clogging up the paint. What we need is to draw players out to the 3 point line.

      Everyone on our team except for moose and penguin haev to shoot the 3 at 37% or better. This opens up the midrange for moose, allows interior big men passing, and lets drummond finish at the rim because he can take anyone in the NBA 1 on 1 if he goes up with strength.

      Stuckey can’t do it. He’s just not a good for this team anymore.

      • Corey says:

        What I propose is why not have a player alongside Stuckey that can create that floor spacing? Dropping Maggette and getting a solid SG/SF player to play both spots. We could have Knight (or Calderon) who are outside threats, a SF who is an outside threat, Stuckey who’s a slasher, Moose who’s a pick and pop machine, and a high flying dunk machine down low.

  19. Mathias says:

    mmm interesting trade now we got a lot of $$ to spend later! But i hope they pick up Josh Smith and trade CV!

  20. Shawn says:

    Just wish Stuck was never resigned for the enormous contract he was given. We’d be have no bad contracts left if that was the case (Charlie’s is something we can work around).

  21. Markov7 says:

    FANTASTIC MOVE!I M LOVIN IT!!! this team needs a true playmaker and jose is that + if he dont satisfie ha can pack his stuff on summer and we get 30m of free cap space now what team does have that?personally i like jose i liked him when he was in europe liked him in toronto and his only minus is his age but if he would re-sign on simmer for some 6-7 mills per season i d be fine with that form a fan wievpoint and than pistons could go and start to search for a BIIIIIIIG BAAAAAD sg/sf player for the future
    GO JOSE!!

  22. Damien W. says:

    Going through the comments: I find it a bit funny that like the first 10 out of 15 comments are saying that this was a bad move. I’m not one to live in the past (even though I still wear my Mehmet Okur jersey often), but it is sad to see the rest of the championship team move on…

    BUT! It was time to move on to begin with. Everybody, who isn’t here just to knock on what Joe D does, knows that Tayshaun deserved better. When he resigned, a lot of people scratched their heads, but also people were happy to see the Prince return. Me included. But now that he’s gone, it’s good to see him have a better chance to get better (and quicker) chance to look at the playoffs other than Detroit.

    To kinda wrap this up short… at least we aren’t the Wizards and/or the Bobcats.

  23. Drew says:

    Who the hell is going to play small forward this year? Maggette?

    Boston needs a point guard with Rondo out. Maybe we can slip them Stuckey for Jeff Green or Brandon Bass.

  24. Kid Marshall says:

    Man I grew up watching Tay, one of my favorite players. I’m sad to see him go.. I wish he could have retired as a piston but that’s just the business side of it. But Jose is great, can’t guard anyone but he makes the players around him better on offense. I also wanted to see Austin develop but hey, things happen. I think this should be our starting line up
    PG: Jose
    SG: BK7
    SF: Maggette
    PF: Moose
    C: Dre
    I think J Max would be great off the bench

  25. RealGMToni says:

    all you who putting BK7 as a SG make me sick, You all should be happy Pistons has a true PG in Calderon to teach BK7. If BK7 is the same player in 2 more years I don’t see the need to stick to him or keep him we don’t need or want another Stucky. Plus BK7 is no SG and he is only a So So PG now but with Calderon he can become that PG we hope he turns out to be….. if not TRADE HIS PUNK ASS !

  26. The Fan says:

    I think after the season is over you could buy low on dwight. And I don’t mind mixing him in with our other bigs. His numbers are consistent this year with every year so far. We could get stuckey off the books keep calderon , get josh smith and dwight. Id like that team.

  27. XstreamINsanity says:

    I honestly say this with all due respect, but you can easily see who here is a fan of the Pistons and who is a basketball fan that is also fan of the Pistons. We needed a true PG, and now we have one. Yet there are plenty of people complaining saying that we’ve killed our chances at the playoffs. If you look around the net, you’ll see that many people say Detroit got the better end of the deal because Calderon fits, is what we need, and we have a better chance NOW to make the playoffs.

    Also, I’m not understanding the love for players like Josh Smith or Dwight Howard. Look at Howard’s season this year, riddled with injuries. Not worth the money. You also can’t play him next to Drummond and Drummond is too good to back him up. As for Josh Smith, he’s too inconsistent as well as very inefficient. He’s a volume scorer. We need efficient players, and he’s not one of them.

    Also, Knight hasn’t shown very good PG skills. People say they don’t want Stuckey 2.0, well, that’s what Knight is alright. If Knight, and maybe Stuckey as well, can learn from Calderon and be better PGs, then I don’t see how this isn’t a win. Knight got his career high in Orlando playing off the ball with Bynum assisting on most of his shots I believe. He has the potential, because of his great shot, to really excel at the off guard position. However, though his defense is getting better against PG, he may have a very hard time defensively against SG.

    This move was the right move. I love Tay, was thrilled when we got him and have thoroughly enjoyed his time here, but he wasn’t taking us anywhere. He has a chance now at another championship before his career is over. There’s a part of being loyal and a part of it being a business. For the business to win, the team needs to win. That wasn’t going to happen until we made some drastic changes. I hope everyone sees that eventually.

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