Pistons Lose to the Clippers at The Palace

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Brandon Knight-Pistons-vs-Clippers

The #Pistons did their best to hang with the streaking Los Angeles Clippers Monday night at the Palace, but second half turnovers and sloppy play late in the game did them in.  The 88-76 loss was the fifth in a row for Detroit and the 10th win of their streak for the Clippers, who were without two ex Pistons Chauncey Billups and Grant Hill.

Key Points:

  • With Rodney Stuckey out (back spasms), Pistons fans got a chance to see Will Bynum who’s been a consistent DNP as well as Austin Day, who hasn’t had playing time since the last time the Pistons got blown out.
  • Austin scored two points and grabbed two boards in 18 plus minutes on the floor.
  • We all keep wondering why Jonas Jerebko hasn’t seen any time in a WHILE, but the fact that Daye played over him Monday night just makes me think something has got to be up with that.  Did Jonas hit on Lawrence Frank’s wife or something?
  • Love what Maxiell is doing this season, but someone please tell me why he played 25 minutes, while scoring just two points when Drummond was doing more than hold his own.  Do you realize Andre didn’t play the last nine minutes of the game?
  • It was an entertaining game and Detroit did pull within three points of the Clippers going into the fourth quarter, but you could just see that the Clippers weren’t going to give the game up.
  • The Clippers went on a 12-2 run early in the third to go ahead 58-46 and never looked back.
  • Greg Monroe with 11 points, seven boards and six assists.  It wasn’t a double-double, but he payed solid and helped control high flying Blake Griffin.
  • More and more questions about Lawrence Frank’s rotation after each game.
  • Tayshaun Prince started the game hot and finished with 15 points, seven boards, 2 steals and a blocked shot in 36 minutes on the floor.

Tayshaun Prince-Pistons-vs-Clippers
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  • Brandon Knight led the team with 16 points, five assists and five turnovers. He did a nice job on Chris Paul who can be a nightmare to contain.
  • With a minute left to go after a Brandon Knight free throw the Pistons had multiple chances at the rim to get the game within reach but noting would fall.
  • If you watched you would have seen the last dunk that Black Griffin had after the game was all but over. I’m fine with the dunk, but I swear if it was a Piston that hung on the rim like that for no good reason that would have been a tech.
  • Highlights via NBA.com

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  • Singler with 11 points, three boards, a steal and a blocked shot. He looked better Monday night than he has in a while.
  • 7 blocked shots on the night for Detroit.
  • The Clippers biggest lead was 12, the Pistons 6.
  • Drummond played great putting up seven points, with six boards and 3 (should have been 4) blocked shots. He was even 3-for-4 from the line. Yes…he should have played more than 19:42.
  • Will, we love ya and we are happy to see you out there on the court again, but quit forcing shots!

Tayshaun Prince Cartoon QuoteTayshaun Prince: “We played a good first half. In the beginning of the third, once we turned it over a couple of times and let them get out, it was to their advantage. You have to continue to take care of that basketball and when they shoot high-percentage shots we know of what type of team they can be and what they will do. We played good in spurts, and that’s been our trend.”

  • Raptors next then a home and home with the Wizards should help.
10 Responses to "Pistons Lose to the Clippers at The Palace"
  1. Ben B says:

    I went to the game last night. To me, it seemed like the clippers weren’t even trying. Something else I noticed was going in the 4th Q no piston wanted to be the one making the shot. It was a close game with a chance to win, and no one stepped up. Instead we had moose drive from the free-throw elbow only to miss or pass out. I do not believe that is our best go to play when we need a bucket. Greg is best facing the basket and passing to a cutting player. he could easy lead the team in assists. Also Greg kelser just said vs the paces, that Andree will decided wins or loses. he is that type of player… and he didn’t play much at all in the 4th. The pistons need a finisher who is not scared of making a big shot.

  2. edt says:

    PIstons are so predictable. They are down by a few in the first half and you could have turned it off.

    Did you see one of the worst teams in the NBA, the Hornets I don’t know anyone on that team, but the last time they played the Clippers they beat them by shutting down Blake Griffin . . . well Maxiell did that to Blake too, and Greivis Vazquez went off, well I guess Brandon Knight was able to go off against them also. We also did a real good job on Chris Paul 14 points 7 assists 3 turnovers.

    So why is it that other teams can finish games. If it ever gets close the Pistons just crap their pants.

    I’ll leave it with this comment by Chris Paul “We lost to a very – let me choose my words – not very talented team, but well-coached. I’ve watched every game that they’ve played. And one thing about Monty is, he’s going to have them playing hard.”


    Here’s the worst thing. We had musical chairs for coaches when we didn’t have any pieces, we were trying to win with Allen Iverson T Mac and Charlie V. The coach didn’t matter but we ran through Flip Curry and Kuester for no real reason. The problem was with Joe D unable to make decent trades, free agent picks, letting go of Afflalo, stuff like that.

    But now when we have some strong pieces . . . Knight, Drummond, Monroe . . . Knight is better as a shooting guard, so we are really only one point guard away from being a real good team . . . so now when we have some good strong pieces we are stuck with Frank, like it or not because Joe D ran so many coaches out of town that he’s not gonna get the chance to blame it on the coach this time.

    I really like Frank. But I like him the same way I like Charlie V. They are nice decent hard working guys.

    But this team doesn’t need nice. They need great.

    As aways I’ll end with the same suggestion: Fire Joe D.

  3. Daniel says:

    I don’t know why we aren’t talking trades right about now, What about Tyreke Evans coming on board for Stuckey, both are obviously struggling for each team, and maybe new scenery would spark something under them. Start Evans as a true SG and have singler come off the bench. And then trade Tayshaun and whoever (jerebko) else to get bargnani….sounds like a good pan to me.
    Starting Line up could be Knight, Evans, Maggette, Monroe, Drummond
    Bench: Bynum, Singler, Bargnani, Maxiell

    Just think it about it Joe D, a move needs to be made……

    • edt says:

      we dont talk trades because that’s not joe d’s thing.

      Joe gets married to his players. For better or worse.

      And lately it’s been worse.

  4. RealGMToni says:

    Can’t wait to see Washington play Piston just so i can watch Jordan Crawford. That guy can play and great scoring athletic SG but he looks like a starter but we know in Washington he wont be because of Beal. I wouldn’t mind seeing him as a Piston knowing he can SCORE !

  5. Tycoon says:

    Pistons are actively shopping forward Austin Daye, a source said. – according to Yahoo! NBA power rankings. Is this true?

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