The Pistons vs. The Thunder

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The Pistons vs. The Thunder

The 0-5 #Pistons will be playing their 5th game on the road Friday night against the 3-2 Oklahoma City Thunder. The luck doesn’t look like it’s going to be on the Pistons side considering that they have yet to win, and that Detroit has dropped four visits to Oklahoma City.

  • The good: Greg Monroe.
  • The bad: Watch out for Ibaka, Westbrook and of course Durant.
  • The unknown: Will it be a migraine kind of night?

Tip off is at 8:00 pm and will be broadcast on Fox Sports . If you can’t catch the game on TV, catch it on the radio over at 97.1 the Ticket.

4 Responses to "The Pistons vs. The Thunder"
  1. edt says:

    omg did you see moose and drummond last night?

    wow. moose is a ridiculously good point guard from the high post, best point guard on our team.

    Did I mention if Joe D makes some moves and gets us a real point guard our little team might be scary?

    This is one game I loved watching I dont care if we lost, we played great.

  2. rai_from_the_philippines says:

    don’t care if we lost, A-Drum got some significant playing time. I hope this will not be the last time that he plays these kind of minutes.

    GO D!!!

  3. Sable says:

    This is a good game to make this comment of mine. What did Scotty Brooke (UCI Alumn, woot!) say about the Thunder loosing early in his tenure? They weren’t loosing, they were learning how to win. I personally reiterate, I don’t mind losing games if the young guys are given the opportunity to learn how to win games. Yes, they’ll make their mistakes, but I can live with that much more than I can live with watching the vets on our team make the same mistakes. Let the young guys play and learn and grow!

  4. Julian says:

    Good to see big Andre get some major playing time.
    Like to see Moose at PF , AD 1 at center and Maxiell come off the bench.
    The question is Slava K. ready to play as our backup center.
    What do we have to lose by playing him?

    Go Pistons.

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