The Pistons vs. The Sixers

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The Pistons vs The Sixers

The 0-8 #Pistons are in Philadelphia to take on the 4-3 Sixers. Detroit will be without Rodney Stuckey, who’s suffering from the stomach flu.

  • The good: With Kyle Singler starting in place of Rodney Stuckey, maybe the Pistons can be optimistic that even the slightest change in the starting lineup may finally translate into a win.
  • The bad:The 76ers had won three straight in this series by an average of 24.3 points before falling 108-86 at Detroit on April 26. The Pistons have dropped three of four in Philadelphia.  It gets worse, The Pistons have played six games on the road, where they’ve gone 16-64 since the start of 2010-11 to post the league’s second-worst winning percentage (.200).  Via
  • The unknown: Will we see much of Andre Drummond? We know if the Sixers go small we won’t, but keep an eye out for the Twin Towers.

Tip off is at 7:00 pm and will be broadcast on Fox Sports . If you can’t catch the game on TV, catch it on the radio over at 97.1 the Ticket.

13 Responses to "The Pistons vs. The Sixers"
  1. Nikhil says:

    Can they hold on to get the elusive first win?

  2. Jaime says:

    They would get plenty of wins with DEFENSE. these young players should run circles around players,traps doubles, manto man. This coach is INSANE if he thinks they can outscore anyone. Does anyone know what hapen to Brandon Night? he use to be a point guard now he thinks hes Stuckey. ” All I want for christmas is for the team to play D” “My team to play D””My team to play D” “All I want for Christmas is for my team to play D”

  3. Julian says:

    Great first half. Outrebounding Philly big time and Singler looks good at SG. Watch out Stuck.
    We may even brake 100 point mark for the second time this year.
    Go Pistons

  4. I don’t want to jink it, but this may be the night. Singler>Stuckey!

  5. Nikhil says:

    A star is born. Few weeks back old I called Drummond the Calvin Johnson of pistons, on the same line I think singlets gonna be to Tom Brady of pistons, a steal from the draft. Loving the team today..

  6. edt says:

    6ers dont seem to mind losing they are playing with zero effort or intensity, we get every single rebound (when’s the last time we out rebounded the other team by TWENTY).

    Singler is playing great. Stuckey might find himself coming off the bench when he heals up.

  7. edt says:

    also this is the best game brandon knight has ever played as a piston.

    if he keeps this up, I’ll take everything bad I said about him.

    Go get it Brandon!

  8. markie says:

    good job pistons 😉

  9. edt says:

    Celebrate! Nothing is finer than an 0-8 team becoming a 1-8 team 🙂

  10. WOW…finally. You see it took me 2 seconds to add a W to the side of the site.

    It was actually fun to watch.

  11. Nikhil says:

    We might have good chance in next 4 at least.

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