The Pistons vs. The Celtics

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The Pistons vs. The Celtics

The 1-9 #Pistons are hosting the 6-4 Celtics Sunday evening at the Palace of Auburn Hills.

  • The good:The Pistons have taken two of the last three against the Celtics.
  • The bad: Rondo is playing out of his mind, he’s coming into Sunday’s game with a 34 game streak of double digit assists. If Detroit has any chance in this one, they’re going to have to make a point of stopping him.
  • The unknown: Singler, Stuckey, Monroe…who’s going to step up for Detroit? Or will it be Brandon Knight, who dished out a career-high 12 assists on Friday night against the Magic.

Tip off is at 7:30 pm and will be broadcast on Fox Sports . If you can’t catch the game on TV, catch it on the radio over at 97.1 the Ticket.

25 Responses to "The Pistons vs. The Celtics"
  1. M Dawson says:

    I thought this was a knicks blog. Haha. Um…why would anybody have a need for Rasheed now? I now understand the meaning of your website, but, the Pistons have more of a need for Dwight, J. Smith, D. Rose, and Terry Mills. Terry was sweet. Best of luck to you Pistons fans. Its gotta be hard right now. You will get there.

  2. ali bazzi says:

    man this is sad. ive been visiting this site since 2006 and those were the days. it had lots of visitors and comments were in bunches. now….. not so much. just comes to show u that all along we had some bandwagon fans. i know were not that great. our record doesnt describe who we are. we lost 4 games by 4 pts or less. we’re a good team. we just gotta learn how to close out games. i sure do miss 2003-2008 but i guess its time to move on. i just wish we could win again . and all u bandwagon fans, dont come back when we make the playoffs 😉

    • edt says:

      ali we are not a good team. We a bad team.

      I still have hope we can make it into the playoffs this year, but no lie we have to improve our rebounding our guards have to quit getting beat so easily on the perimeter andre drummond has to learn how to box out, brandon knight . . . vastly improved this year but his defense is still weak, I think if we improve defensively that will help the most.

      That’s all on coach frank, he has to help these guys, players coming to the NBA from college don’t understand exactly what is required for pro level nba defense.

    • Shawn says:

      I’ve never really commented here much, but I still visit N4S almost every day, and I still love following the Pistons even if they’re not in their glory days anymore.

      While it is a lot more fun keeping up with Pistons news when they’re in the hunt for a title, I will always enjoy it no matter what, and I think there’s a lot of other true Pistons fans out there that feel the same way 🙂

    • piston_fan_phl says:

      “just comes to show u that all along we had some bandwagon fans”

      And those same fans are now flaming the Pistons on forums and the Pistons facebook page. sad..

  3. zkranc says:

    man can someone tell me what Knight does on the court, all he does is make turnovers

  4. Tycoon says:

    Why is English on the inactive list? CV needs to be there instead.

  5. edt says:

    so brandon knight has a career game and we lose.

    brandon knight has some ridiculously awful game, he’s bouncing the ball off the floor out of bounds out of control 5 times as many turnovers as assists . . . .

    If we win this game it proves brandon knight does absolutely nothing for this team.

    Brandon knight is just some guy, doesn’t matter what he does, doesn’t make us win, doesn’t make us lose.

    We have some guy at point guard.

  6. Jo-El says:

    big win tonight! been a pistons fan since the 89-90 back-to-back years and it’s great to see that we beat boston. granted that it was their 4th game in 5 nights, but a win is still a win! hope this means that they’re finally getting it on the defensive end. The bench experiment for Stuck is working so far. +17 to lead the team. Let’s go Pistons!

  7. Franz says:

    I think I’ve never posted anything here, but I felt that now was a good time.

    Backing up all the people above.

    I’m a German dude, lived in Detroit and fell in love with the team since 2001 and I’ll never change that. Of course it’s sad to see our guys struggle, but I always believe, because at the end, that’s the only thing that brings you forward!

    I’m just excited for these guys and our future because I always believe. When I look at our schedule, I look at every game and tell myself that our guys are able to win almost every one of them. Just like Shawn, Markov7, etc. this will always be my team!

    And BTW Natalie: Best Pistons site! Don’t ever stop posting or blogging.

  8. Mathias Qvarnström says:

    First of all great site Nat! I been here 3 years now but this is my first post, I been i Pistons fan from 2001 the first time i was in West Mi (Kalamazoo) back in the days!
    I really enjoy this site beacuse in sweden we dont have my sites like this at all. SO really like FRanz told you” Best Pistons site! Don’t ever stop posting or blogging”
    And the pistons have a bright futur and offcours we going to win a great deals of games this year, just trade i few players first pleass, what do you think we would get for Ty,CV,Day?

    • Thanks Mathias, I really do appreciate it.

      I’d get rid of probably Tay first because he’s really the only one that the Pistons will get anything for. But if they can bundle them all together…Let’s do it!

  9. Thanks for all the love people, it really make a difference. I dont think most people realize I do this in the little spare time that I have for one reason and one reason only.

    I love this team.

    Thanks again everyone

  10. Lori says:

    Relax, you guys! We’ll get better and better as the season progresses. It won’t take as long as it did last year. The defensive effort last night was really good and the team seems to mesh better than it did last year at this point, especially with Singler starting.
    Having said that, without Ben Wallace the Pistons need an elite defender in the post and Drummond seems like he’ll fill that role, but he needs some time to figure it out. I’m sure he will because he looks like a fast learner, is incredibly gifted and doesn’t have a personality disorder (see Dreadful Darko).

  11. Ali says:

    i created a spark lol. great win we had!! ive been saying all along that were good. just gotta learn to close out games. and ill be a fan for life!

  12. Jake says:

    I agree, best pistons site around.

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