The Pistons Finally Get Their First Win

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Kyle Singler - Pistons vs Sixers

It didn’t matter that the #Pistons were without their starting shooting guard Rodney Stuckey Wednesday night. They finally got their elusive first win of the season with the help of his replacement Kyle Singler and a monster game from Greg Monroe.  The Pistons had everything going for them in their he 94-76 victory over the Sixers leading by as much as 23 points, and finally playing a solid 48 minutes of basketball.

Key Points:

  • Greg Monroe with a MVP performance putting up yet another double-double (5) with 19 points, 18 boards and six assists. He was a force, attacking the basket and putting pressure on the Sixers.

Greg Monroe Pistons vs. SixersPhoto Getty Images/Editing

  • The last Piston to have at least 19 points, 18 boards and 6 assists in a single game was Grant Hill with 35 points, 18 rebounds and 6 assists at Dallas on 4/1/97.
  • Yes you saw it, reg Monroe and Andre Drummond on court together for the first time. And you know what? The future looks very bright.
  • Kyle Singler AKA “Bucket Man” who started in Rodney Stuckey’s place was phenomenal. It didn’t start off great when early in the game he ran smack into the 300 pounds that is Kwame Brown. He laid in a heap on the floor dazed, but after a time out he went right back into the game and did his best job to keep Stuckey’s starting spot. Singler finished with 16 points on 7-of-14 shooting with 4 boards, and an assist.
  • Did I mention Kyle was everywhere, even diving into the expensive seats for a rebound.
  • Is it wrong to thank Stuckey for having the flu?
  • Tay to Brandon Knight alley-oop via

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  • Jason Maxiell with 12 boards and 8 point adding 3 more blocked shots on the season. We want him to come off the bench, but it’s hard to deny that he’s been more than solid in every game this season. I’m on the Baby Eater Bandwagon again.
  • Dare I say Corey Maggette, who played in his first game as a Piston, did well. He didn’t light it up, but he sure did contribute to this win. He played 21 minutes and scored six points before fouling out.
  • A whopping 48 points in the paint for Detroit while holding the Sixers to just 28.
  • Board war handily won 57-38.
  • Possibly one of the best games Brandon Knight has played in a Pistons uniform. He flirted with a triple-double with seven boards, seven assists and 15 points in 35 minutes on the floor.
  • The first time this team has looked like a team this season.
  • Detroit’s defense looked great. They held the Sixers to just 29.8% shooting on the night.
  • What was glaring however was the 17 Detroit turnovers to the Sixers four. You can’t usually win games when you turn the ball over that much.
  • Andre Drummond scored six, with two boards and an assist in just 11 minutes. His last basket he got a swipe and then went coast to coast for a dunk late in the game to put a cap on win.
  • This one was actually fun to watch! The Pistons led by as much as 23 points, their largest margin all season long.
  • It was going so well for Monroe that he needed just one eye to make his free throw.

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  • Tayshaun played well scoring 15, with six assists a steal and five boards in 34 minutes. It was nice to see Tayshaun playing well from the jump.
  • Now that the Pistons got their first win out of the way and they did it without Stuckey, you know the questions are coming.
  • They could possibly make this two in a row when they play the Magic on Friday night.
17 Responses to "The Pistons Finally Get Their First Win"
  1. mike says:

    I was in the building for the win tonight! I didnt see a single Piston fan haha, but I still rocked the Tayshaun jersey and piston hat. First time I got to see Monroe in person, he was quite impressive.

    That said, I want Stuckey and Frank gone. Look to get a monta ellis or rudy gay type wing, and recruit Nate McMillan. He developed that young Portland team well and got a ton out of a shitty medical issue. Frank has just flirted with another 0-10 start.

  2. Tycoon says:

    Nat, its nice to see a blue item on our record list. Red items are so stressful to the eyes. Interesting how the guys played more as a team without Stuckey. Migrane solved?

  3. Julian says:

    Singler although a technically a rookie has played alot of ball at college and in Spain so he really plays like a veteran.
    Corey filled in at the backup SG spot well.

    Defense, rebounding and passing to the open man was the key.
    If they do that every game they will win their share.

  4. Bellllissimo says:

    SOOO much fun I agree. We made another teams crowd boo them. doesn’t that mean we were playing pretty elite last night 😀

    gosh kyle singler gosh. that was wonderful and im liking the hippie chin beard lol

  5. Jake says:

    Hold up… (ayyy) pistons are on ESPN tonight.. Against the magic? Whaaa

  6. Jake says:

    Right tomorrow. It says espn next to the game on your schedule.

  7. zkranc says:

    Singler looks like Shaggy from Scooby-Doo LOL

  8. Julian says:

    Stuckey first has migraines and now the flu.
    I would not be surprised if he is traded or relegated to coming off the bench behind Singler.
    We need to play the guys that produce and regardless of how much they get paid.

  9. Tycoon says:

    What if we have 2 Singlers in our team? They’ll be called Plurel. =)

  10. Julian says:

    Should be able beat the Magic tonight at the Palace for their first winning streak of the season.

    I would love to see a starting lineup with Knight, Singler, Prince, Monroe and Drummond. This lineup can move the ball on offense,rebound and they can play D.

  11. RealGMToNi says:

    Reading FreePress Detroit today got me a little excited. Stucky had OK for Singler to start, something I been waiting for. I love to see Stucky come off bench as our 6th man ! Having Bynum and Stucky playing back court together will be fun plus having Maxiell do the same off bench to give us energy and defense. Having Greg Monroe play the 4 while Drummond start at 5 will also be great for the team a change must come now. LETS GO DETROIT !!!!!

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