OBEY – Andre Drummond

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OBEY – Andre the Giant

Yes he’s played just a handful of preseason games for the #Pistons.  Yes he hasn’t really proved himself in the NBA.  Yes he’s just a 19 year old Lottery Pick “project,” but you can bet Andre Drummond is already turning heads in Detroit and the NBA.

Making the Palace a Block Party every time he steps on court…you bet.
Game changer…it looks that way.
Jump on the Andre the Giant bandwagon before it’s full.

Andre Drummond -  Obey Andre the GiantFollow @Dre_Drummond on Twitter.

14 Responses to "OBEY – Andre Drummond"
  1. Tycoon says:

    Nice. Im excited to see him play and how he progresses in regular season. He’s on the right track so far and anyone can tell he’s building up confidence so that good news for all of us.

  2. Damien W. says:

    @Tycoon: Totally agree with ya. It’s always good to have those good games so early in your young career as a confidence builder. His 19 & 10 game vs the Bucks was great. I’m not looking for him to do that every night from now on, honestly who would actually think he’ll keep that up so early in his career for being so “raw”? (even though that would be a GREAT compliment to Monroe to create a 1-2 punch in the front court), I honestly don’t.

    But, I’m all on this bandwagon. I’m even bringing the Drum of Drummond! Every time he makes a play, we should have a bass drum hit over the PA System. (Make it happen Palace audio department!)

  3. terry says:

    Its the combination of him and Viacheslav Kravtsov (convenient spelling down below) supporting Moose in the paint, that makes the Pistons interesting. Throw in some Jerebko, Maxiel, with a dash of Austin Daye you open up wing men like Prince and Singler/ Maggette, and take a lot of pressure off of the young attacking athletic back court. Look like playoffs to me, Garunsheed.

  4. Mike says:

    You should totally sell this on a tshirt Nat. Id buy one.

  5. Julian says:

    Our Pistons our still way short of the world champs.
    The Heat blew them out last night
    Besides the Moose and Drum the rest of the team struggled.
    We got out rebounded again.
    We shot only 12% from 3 pt land.
    That needs to be addressed by free agency next year.

    Maxiell scored only 2 points as a starter. We need a better starter at PF. Maybe they try him at SF this year? Drum, Moose and Maxiell would be a great defensive starting trio.
    Austin Daye was 0-6 including 0-3 from 3 pt land. Terrrrrible.
    CV31 was not much better although most of the Pistons played poorly in this game.

    • Jake says:

      Lol not only do we have enough 3’s for the entire league but maxi is a decent post defender he’s not a perimeter defender. He couldn’t guard a 3 on the perimeter

  6. Julian says:

    Andre Drummond is outplaying Slava K. so far this preseason as the backup center for Moose.
    We may be the worst team as far as 3 PM %.

    Joe needs to focus on that next year in the draft and FA also.

  7. DJxNVxME says:

    I made a Drummond Highlight video if you wanted to posted it for people to see… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u_7vKFDchI4&list=UUa_mVT68qxJiYyrR-Qq_5LA&index=1&feature=plcp 313ntertainment in the houseee!!!

  8. That Dude M says:

    Yes that logo would makea great shirt!

  9. Julian says:

    Opponents will be seeing that face in their sleep if they try to take it to the hoop against AD1.

    Pistons could have as much as $30 million (if u include CV31) to spend next year to sign some veteran players that can help with the young talent we have.

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