Andre Drummond Tooned

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Brandon Knight Need4Sheed CartoonThe #Pistons rookie Andre Drummond Tooned.

I’ve  finally got back into Pistons mode and summoned my inner Drummond.  Excited by the Pistons youth movement, Andre was the first Rookie (and rightfully so) I tooned.

Follow Andre  on twitter at @Dre_Drummond_

12 Responses to "Andre Drummond Tooned"
  1. Avatar piston_fan_phl says:

    Nice. Love it!

  2. Avatar daddy says:

    welcome to the motor city young fella

  3. Avatar Markov7 says:

    OMG i just watched ukraine and croatia match and if u can get a conclusion after one game – slava will be some piece of business lol that guy is just a piece of wood

  4. Avatar Cable Moose says:

    Can’t wait to see this guy play. I’m really hoping he won’t be a bust! Hopefully Big Ben can coach him up a little bit.

  5. Avatar Bellllissimo says:

    slava is a beast. this highlight reel got me real excited for him. he’s not just good. he’s tough. And in my opinion he’s more athletic than drummond

  6. Avatar Grieg says:

    he is really athletic for his size 6-11, 268 and can run the floor, can play above the rim, can pass, can post up, he is going to be a great big man for Detroit, nice pick up for Pistons!

  7. Avatar Wenzel says:

    what do you guys think about the trainingcamp contrats for Jonny Flynn and Terrence Williams? do you think the pistons will actually sign one of them? do you think they would be a good addition to the team? let me know how you think about it 🙂

  8. Avatar Markov7 says:

    sry boys but slava is crap if he s gonna be back uo centre than we re in trouble

  9. Avatar TayTay says:

    Umm, I seen him about 2 months ago as well. And lets be honest, he doesn’t look in any worse shape than Greg Monroe. Sheed always got a lot of flack, but he always brought the intensity. Can’t say the same for Greg. In 2 years, I guaransheed you, Monroe will get the same conditioning questions. Sheeds still the better finisher, Monroe has a paper vertical.

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