Detroit Pistons 2012-2013 Schedule

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The Pistons open the 2012-2013 season at home on October 31st against the Houston Rockets, so get your Andre Drummond costumes out and head on over to the Palace of Auburn Hills on Halloween.

So far the Pistons have just 2 nationally televised games on the schedule but that’s not set in stone, remember they took one away from them last season and if this team catches fire, you can be that they’ll add one here or there on TNT or ESPN (we hope).

  • From the Comments – The Jan 17th game vs NYK is at an “International Venue” btw.  

I’ve updated the schedule on the sidebar of the website.

Have you picked your all time Pistons lineup yet?

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19 Responses to "Detroit Pistons 2012-2013 Schedule"
  1. Avatar Anonymous says:

    The Jan 17th game vs NYK is at an “International Venue” btw.

    • That’s Ridiculous ….thanks Mr Stern

      • Avatar Anonymous says:

        At least theres a 5 day break before and 3 day break after. Wonder where it is.

        • This and the NFL…I think it’s silly. If Stern wants a team in Europe he may as well start NBA Europe and leave it at that.

          But yes…5 days will do.

          • Avatar stoneseuro says:

            Whats wrong with that? Provided it’s true that this one is an international game (haven’t heard anything yet), there are many NBA fans over here in Europe that would love nothing more than going to an NBA game..not everyone has the opportunity to fly to the U.S. The NBA is global and has scores of fans all over the world so I believe it’s time U.S. fans recognize that (though they should have already understood that by the many international players there are on NBA rosters). I mean, it’s just ONE game. And both teams would have several off days before and after the game.

            Besides, if the Pistons get picked to play overseas you U.S. Pistons fans complain about having overseas games. If they don’t get picked to play overseas it’s because they supposedly hate the Pistons and don’t think they’re worthy of representing the league overseas. Can’t have it both ways, folks.

            As far as the venue, it could very well be London’s O2 Arena (again, provided it’s true) especially considering the London games scheduled last year were cancelled because of the lockout. Or maybe Manchester since I’ve heard there were talks of playing a game there.

            Again, I’m sure Pistons fans in Europe, and there are many over here (myself included), would be ecstatic over having the team in Europe even for just one game. The world doesn’t revolve around the U.S. And I’m saying that as a person who loves the U.S.

            • You’re right, I do appreciate all the Pistons fans overseas Im just surprised this is the way Stern is trying to bring the NBA overseas. Preseason is one thing but it’s going to be difficult to send a team overseas for one game in the middle of a season.

              Hope Pistons fans get to enjoy it in person.

              • Avatar stoneseuro says:

                Yeah, but considering they get several off days both before and after the game, I think the whole thing is, I don’t think flying from Detroit/NY to London (again, provided it’s true the game is played in London, i’m just guessing) is much more difficult/longer than flying from NY to LA to play the Lakers or Clippers. I don’t see many problems if they do that for 1-2 games a year. Plus, the Nets and Raptors already played regular season games in London in 2011 and things went pretty well for them.

                Plus, fans prefer real games as opposed to preseason games 😉

          • Avatar Jake says:

            I agree with the nba Europe idea just make a league over there instead of sending players over there mid season

  2. Avatar says:

    Pistons in London…for a “real” game!2hours away from home
    Thanks Stern!

  3. Avatar pistonsfan101 says:

    International venue could be Canada also since Pistons are already playing a pre-season game there. On the bright side, I’m sure it’ll be nationally televised 😀

  4. Avatar Lori says:

    I mean I like what stoneseuro said! Actually, it will be easier on the players by far than western road trip because of the rest days. I think it’s good that the NBA is getting a global fan base. Basketball is not the most popular game in the US and the more fans, the better!
    Besides, you guys have all read posts here about people who have to watch Piston games at weird hours of the day and night. What’s wrong with sharing our favourite team?

  5. Avatar Brady says:

    With as many solid free agents as are available, why do you think Dumars hasn’t capitalized on them? We could trade someone like CV away for a future draft pick. I have a bad feeling that Prince will be dealt. He has been faithful to Detroit and played well. What do you think on these two issues Natalie?

    • Avatar Jake says:

      CV has underplayed yes, but now with Monroe and Drummond and Slav and possibly Big Ben all we need from CV is his offense off the bench were no longer asking for him to be a defensive stopper or above average rebounder, he can just score, give him one more chance. Dumars is waiting until next year for to try and sign some free agents because it’s a much better class. As for Prince, I wouldn’t mind a trade give the young players more minutes for the experience and to get better.

  6. Avatar Bellllissimo says:

    i kinda thought ben gordon was the reason we would be playing in london. kinda like carlos arroyo when we had a preseason game in puerto rico. interestingly both were traded right before haha.

    in the london game i just hope we win. number 1 cause pistons forever and number 2 i want all of england to see carmelo sucks

    but im happy our opener is against houston. im curious what jeremy lin is gonna be like now that he doesnt carmelo to ruin linsanity or if its totally dead already

  7. Avatar Tycoon says:

    I want us to win the first game since I forgot how it feels like to have above .500 record. The next six away games will be tough so this first game vs Houston should be winnable no matter what.

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