Pistons NBA Draft Mania

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Now that the #Pistons got the Bobcats to take Ben Gordon off their hands are you hoping, like I am, that Joe Dumars is going to make a move or two tonight?

As everyone gears up for the NBA draft, yours truly is headed off to The Palace of Auburn Hills for their annual Draft party. I’ll be tweeting live with any information that I might have. I’ll try to send some pictures and live video from the party and hopefully get a little of Joe Dumars post draft announcement on tape for you.

Follow @need4sheed_comIf you have any questions feel free to tweet them to me, but if you want me to run up to Dumars and ask him why he traded Chauncey or drafted Darko you can forget it…I did that two years ago and he gave me the stink eye.

Tweet me  @Need4Sheed_com or leave your thoughts in the comments.

33 Responses to "Pistons NBA Draft Mania"
  1. wingwallace33 says:

    john henson?

  2. junior says:

    OMG cmon andre drummond!!! portland didnt take him. gs and toronto gotta get someone else….. right? andre would be the steal of the draft for us. 3 years in a row!?!?

  3. junior says:

    wanted henson or myers, only cuase i figured adre would go to portland.

  4. junior says:

    where is everyone?

  5. junior says:

    gs down, barnes gone 1 more for drummond. pistons gotta take him if hes there right?

  6. junior says:

    i hope to god we dont get sullinger. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

  7. pistonsfan101 says:


  8. junior says:

    unless its in second round.

  9. junior says:

    101 where u been?

  10. junior says:

    HOLY SHIT!!!!!!! drummond is there. joe d you better not pass him up, i swear to god.

  11. junior says:

    ive always backed u joe if u mess this up. . . . . . . . . .

  12. junior says:

    man im sweating. . . . . . oh yeah its a HUNDRED DEGREES.

  13. junior says:


  14. junior says:

    FUUUUUUCCCCKKKK YEEEAAAAAHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DRUMMOND

  15. pistonsfan101 says:


  16. junior says:

    I’M GONNA CRY, u kidding me?

  17. junior says:

    nat, sorry about the language. but cmon andre drummond?!

  18. Venice says:


  19. Bellllissimo says:

    so i take it drummond is who you guys wanted

  20. Enoc (Mexico) says:

    What about this Pick… can you guys tell me more about him? There’s not much college basketball here in México. Why is he the steal of the draft?

  21. greg says:

    Drummond!!!! Monroe and Drummond, hope nobody complains any more about drafting a big man. talk about a steal

  22. Venice says:

    Hes expected to be high as a top 3 pick .like what happened to Knight .thats why hes a steal baby !

  23. Tokz says:

    Drummond + Monroe = My Life has meaning again…

  24. Steve (the hated is back) says:

    Junior.. settle down.. it was a good pick, u sound like u wanna blow him in the palace parking lot.. un real..

  25. Steve (the hated is back) says:

    Tokz.. must be a crappy life..

  26. Steve (the hated is back) says:

    Remember when i used to troll this site back in 2006-2008 saying break up the team trade everyone and then everyone cried, imagine if they traded them while they still had talent, they wouldnt be rebuilding this team. Sucks being right all the time, im out! i only come on here during the draft to laugh at the hopefulls.

  27. Bellllissimo says:

    steve the hated. everyone knew moves ha to be made. problem was your ideas sucked

  28. Drew says:

    Remember early last season people said we should tank for Drummond? Well we didn’t need to tank and we still got him.

  29. Piston_fan_phl says:

    my goodness 3 years in a row! we got a top 5 talent without actually tanking the whole season! Good thing we didn’t traded our players to move up the draft.

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