Interview – The Pistons #9 pick Andre Drummond

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Yes…can you believe that the Pistons finally got their Center?  When David Stern called Andre Drummond’s name as the Pistons #9 pick in the draft the crowd at The Palace of Auburn Hills went wild, myself included.

Who would believe that Drummond would actually drop to nine?

Joe Dumars was interview before Drummond got on the call and was interviewed by George Blaha and Greg Kelser.  I was in the front row and when Joe Dumars came up on stage someone in the crowd shouted “you lucky bastard” in which Joe Dumars responded “yes, yes I am.”  Priceless!

Here is the audio of our newest Piston CENTER Andre Drummond.

44 Responses to "Interview – The Pistons #9 pick Andre Drummond"
  1. Avatar Drew says:

    He seemed pretty happy to be drafted by us. Maybe it was that he was finally drafted, period. At least he didn’t seem pissed that he was drafted by Detroit. I feel like we drafted a guy a few years ago that looked depressed to be coming to Detroit. I can’t remember who that was.

  2. Avatar Drew says:

    Lineup as it stands right now:

    PG – Knight, Bynum,
    SG – Stuckey, English
    SF – Prince, Maggette, Daye, Singler, Middleton
    PF – Monroe, Maxiell, Jerebko, Villanueva
    C- Drummond, Macklin

    As I see it, no room for Wallace, Rusell Jr. and Wilkins to come back. Looks like we got some logjams at both Forward positions.

  3. Avatar Badboy says:

    Did 2 full laps around my house on this one. The sun is shining on motor city tonight

  4. Avatar Riz says:

    DRUMMOND!!!!!! It’s on now! 4 all u haters that r gonna say he can’t develop an offensive game watch this

    Sickest behind the back passes I’ve ever seen from a seven footer…. And he’s only 18.

    • Avatar Cerecyte says:

      He doesn’t need offense to be a big help. He helps the offense just by his mere presence. He moves Monroe to the 4, Monroe will be able to post / abuse 4’s better than he can 5’s. Monroe also doesn’t have to waste as much energy guarding 5’s.

      Will be much harder for Monroe to be double teamed, Help will most likely come from the other teams 5, who leaves Andre open for the dunk, and with Monroe’s passing ability / team first mentality you know he’ll find him.

      Also i don’t get this notion that hell just be a complete dud on the offensive end. Dwight Howard really doesn’t have a lick of offensive skill, and he still manages to just abuse his height and athleticism for points.

      Andre even made a 12 foot jumper in the highlight reel. ..While i’m not an Orlando fan, i’ve never seen Howard do that.

  5. Avatar Markov7 says:

    i m lovin it i m lovin iiiit i saw al top 10 picks in a 5-8 min video for each and although u cant say who s good or whos bad drummond was the one that poped in my eyes as much as davis and said to myself ok if davis wont be available god i d love drummond to watch in a pistons jersey and here he comes!!!i think hell be awesome and hopefully injuries will go around him

  6. Avatar N1ck says:

    @ Markov7
    Hey there old friend. 😉

    Awesome pick, couldn’t be better. Great future for the Pistons. Joe needs to clear some more of his own mess from 2009, but hey, that summer actually brought us some great picks.

  7. Avatar miniBEAST says:

    Knight, Moose and now Drummond?

  8. Avatar pistons 4 life says:

    Finally….. a real center for the pistons. This will be great for Monroe because he can move back to his natural position. The two of them together should be great to watch…and I love that he said he can’t wait to get to Detroit and start working right away. It should also open up opportunities for the perimeter players because opposing teams will have to pay more attention to what’s happening in the middle.

    Very excited about next season!

  9. Avatar daddy says:

    took a while but we back on the climb

  10. Avatar RashitFlawless says:

    I love Drummond, he’s what we have now for not drafting Cousins some time ago, he’s just pure huge upside, but needs to become a mature player, a big man not just because of size, but as a man.

    And I’m happy because we’ve got English, I read some news he killed several workouts, just absolutely killed them.

    I don’t kno mush about Middleton, he was injured, didn’t play much, but now Joe has room to make descisions: if Singler or Daye, or Middleton is not real deal, we have other players to contribute.

    Now it’s up to Joe to trade someone like Prince and we’ll see what’s gonna happen.

    Suddenly, Drummond-Monroe-Maggette-Stuckey-Knight this lineup makes Detroit BIG. From skinny undersized team to a big athletic one, just like that!

  11. Avatar junior says:

    Im glad u guys like the pick, everyone over at dbb hates it.? Not sure y. I came into the rraft expecting leonard or henson, only cuqse i thought for sure andre b gone by then. Plus hes only 18!! If hes good enough to b in the top ten in the draft when hes pretty much out of highschool. Hes got the talent/athleticism hes just gotta harness it n use it. If he does i think we got the second best player in the draft.

  12. Avatar Thomas J. Skillian says:


  13. Avatar Jake says:

    Great pick should be in the playoffs this year. What’s going on with Villanueva? Are we going to get rid of him?

    • Avatar RashitFlawless says:

      There’s no team in the NBA who think CV has something to give back for his salary. I beleive that.
      Joe D can choose to use amnesty, but I’m not sure it’s necessary until he decide to pick a good free agent.
      If CV is not a good player for this team doesn’t matter he isn’t good in the locker room.
      U never know.

      • Avatar Jake says:

        I think joe d should use the amnesty. He’s no help to us, and a waste of money. After Maggettes contract is up next year we will have a decent amount of cap space to get some more good players to go with our young core of: Knight-Stuckey-Monroe-Drummond. The future is bright!!! GO PISTONS!

  14. Avatar RashitFlawless says:

    Joe D is a risky guy.
    He took BG and CV, he drafted Milicic, but he was rated as one with huge upside, so does Drummond.

    Sometimes u better be lucky than good, let’s hope Joe D is lucky with this draft pick, I want to see some DEEEETROOOIT BASKETBAAALLL!!!!

    Can’t wait the Summer League, I want to watch our picks play!

    Kim English, go get ’em, you must fight your way in the rotation, I want to see you get your first 30pt night in the Pistons jersey!

  15. Avatar XstreamINsanity says:

    I can’t even say how stoked I was. I was pretty damn sure that we could not get him. My wife laughed at me for pumping my fist when they called his name. Man, I see so much potential with our team now. I know we don’t have a Kevin Durant, but I see an OKC team in us. A team that can run the floor and is becoming quite athletic. Do we really have to wait another 4 months? Damnit. 🙂

  16. Avatar D.K says:

    I was wondering. If we somehow managed to get Kevin Durant or Lebron James to play the 3 .. the only spot we’re lacking


    Scary Huh – I do understand its highly unlikely we’ll nab one of those guys

    • Avatar Jake says:

      Hahahhahahahahah just how could we pull off getting one of the 2 best players in the league when they both have multiple years left on their contracts, and if we were to trade we’d have to give up all four of the other guys you mentioned and probably more.

  17. Avatar terry says:

    NASTY! thats all I got to say about a Drummond Monroe front court. They kinda look like they could be brothers…

  18. Avatar Badboys says:

    Wow the rookies are getting Billups, Hamilton and McDyess jersey numbers and Monroe is wearing Rodmans #10. We have no respect for the 2004 team, right when we traded Billups & Dyess in a real cold way we gave Billups jersey number to Iverson then McGrady.

    Are we not going to retire Billups & Hamiltons jerseys when there done?

    • Avatar Badboys says:

      And I forgot about Stuckey & Bens #3/\

      • Avatar MT says:

        We need to live in the here and now, not obsess about 2004. A number is a number is a number.

        • Avatar Badboys says:

          I am living in the now, it’s just about respect & hard work being put in for the second best Pistons team assembled that won a championship. These guys need to make a name for themselves with their own numbers & the Pistons origination needs to live in the now and not give these guys numbers that have nostalgia connected to them.

          Come on now, if you have been a true Pistons fan for at least 10 years your going to look at the numbers and say hey isn’t that RIPS number and the non fan will say there goes RIP.

          • Avatar sauce1977 says:

            It’s kind of strange that some players numbers are revered, and others are not. I’d rather switch to an honorary system where jerseys are retired but people are free to wear the number. It’s about the team to me. I root for the Pistons, not for Ben Wallace.

  19. Avatar dillon says:

    all u guy should shut up its a number we got are dream team back boy now it time to enjoy it not think about numbers i mean wow are next step is get rid of charlie and maggetey and were set for 10 years. numbers huh

    lets go drummons monroe prince bad ball hog and the back court stuckey and knight we just need a good small forward joe d one more trade lets go how about considering someone young like Micheal Beasley…………………………………………………………………

  20. Avatar daddy says:

    head that we were interested in beasley. he is a great player just isnt motivated if we can turn him around it would be a steal.

  21. Avatar maverick says:

    this dillon kid is retarded

  22. Avatar charlie larintis says:

    listen dillon kid prince is a monster and is a beast u dont know what u are saying are u a little kid

  23. Avatar dillon says:

    Look charlie larlntls I shuld. Shut the hell up I’m fuckin 26 ur 1 prince sucks ass just like u so annoy me one. More time and by the way I’m a cop so don’t be telling me what to do or not its my. Opinion u fucker

  24. Avatar tommy saclaf says:

    i think this Dillon kid is right you have no right going in to other peoples business and if i were u i wouldn’t mess with and pistons do need a small forward prince sucks hes to old and has back problems we need a small forward that stronger and not scared to drive it to the whole and i really think Micheal Beasley is a good fit with the pistons i couldn’t agree more so and charlie larntis and maverick shut up and charlie larntis stop talking crap and maverick Ur the retarted one OK so stop talking crap about people u dont know this guys a cop he could aresset

  25. Avatar tommy saclaf says:

    u so stop talking crap maverick and charlie maverick ur probably the rettarted one so stop nowwwww u ass hole

  26. Avatar maverick says:

    a tommy shut the hell up

  27. Avatar poo smelin says:

    u guyz r all dum and not r 4 snitchinz

  28. Avatar charlie larintis says:

    listen tommy fat ass mind ur businies and stop acting tough just because u talked some shit this dillon kid is not a cop ill fuck his ass up oh ya and tommy eat some shit

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