Will the Balls be in the Pistons favor?

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It’s been a while, but to be honest what did we need to talk about after the season? I’m sure most of you don’t want to chat about the EFC or the Miami Heat…do you?

What we can talk about is the fact that David Stern and the NBA will be announcing the order or the NBA Draft “Lottery” Wednesday night. Our very own Brandon Knight will be the Pistons representative when they find out where they will be drafting in this years lottery.

Here is how what the it looks like percentages wise.

  • 1. Charlotte, 7-59, 25.0 percent
  • 2. Washington, 20-46, 19.9 percent
  • 3. Cleveland, 21-45, 13.8 percent
  • 4. New Orleans, 21-45, 13.7 percent
  • 5. Sacramento, 22-44, 7.6 percent
  • 6. New Jersey, 22-44, 7.5 percent (a)
  • 7. Golden State, 23-43, 3.6 percent (b)
  • 8. Toronto, 23-43, 3.5 percent
  • 9. Detroit, 25-41, 1.7 percent
  • 10. New Orleans, 1.1 percent (c)
  • 11. Portland, 28-38, 0.8 percent
  • 12. Milwaukee, 31-35, 0.7 percent
  • 13. Phoenix, 33-33, 0.6 percent
  • 14. Houston, 34-32, 0.5 percent

Star Wars Night at The Palace May The Gores Be With YouSo barring some kind of “force” that may be with us, the Pistons should pick at the nine spot.

If “The Gores” has anything to do with it, we should start scheduling Anthony Davis for electrolysis appointments in the greater Metro Detroit Area.


12 Responses to "Will the Balls be in the Pistons favor?"
  1. Richard says:

    Hopefully we get that Cleveland Cav luck they have been getting theses last few years.. Also if we stay at 9 we really need to move up and pick Thomas Robinson I think he will help out a lot..

  2. Dr3w says:

    I bet the Cavs are going to get the first or second pick and it is because they clearly tanked to be that low.

    I regret that the pistons did not tank.

  3. Bellllissimo says:

    i wanna see what happens. i dont think we get number 1 but i think top 3 is possible. we need some luck

    (”) <<<heres my lucky rabbits foot

    (") (")
    and here's the full bunny

  4. Bellllissimo says:

    did anyone hear magic johnson say something like “my head says charlotte (will get the top pick) but MY HEART says detroit” I remember there were rumors about magic buying the pistons before. Does anyone know anything about Magic possibly working with the pistons in the future?

  5. Darshan says:

    Dammit the basketball gods dont love us

  6. Venice says:

    of course the hornets won. stern rigged the lottery so that the selling of the franchise will be more appealing.

    • Bellllissimo says:

      i absolutely agree. the lottery is fixed. Look at some of the teams that have miraculously gotten the number 1 spot right when their team either desperately needed it or when some change happened

      new orleans just got new owner bought from the NBA
      Cleveland gets the number 1 right after lebron leaves
      portland and seattle both got number 1 and 2 when their franchises were in serious problems.

      and there were other years too. I don’t trust the lottery. the only way we are getting number 1 is if our franchise is seriously in trouble

  7. Venice says:

    Well we cant do anything about whats happening in the league. im just hoping drummond slipped to us or PJ3.

  8. RashitFlawless says:

    desperate times. teal and maroon to be continued

    if Joe draft PJ3, we’ve got another one without work ethic. Not aceptable.

    • Ven says:

      I just saw some highlights of henson. I think he would really be a good fit for us. Solid work ethic and a force downlow. it would be perfect if he get a bit bigger though.

  9. pistonsfan101 says:

    I hope Chris Kaman gets traded to Detroit somehow as they won’t be needing his services there no more!

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