The #Pistons are closing out the season Thursday night at the Palace of Auburn Hills against the Sixers. This may be the last time you’ll see Ben Wallace on court in a Pistons uniform, so if you can get out to the Palace you should give it a try.
If Ben Wallaces’ possible retirement doesn’t get you to come out for the last time this season, than the halftime show of Salt-n-Pepa just might.
Salt-n-Pepa Detroit Pistons Style

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And you didn’t think the girls could look this good after all these years.

See you at the Palace.

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4 Responses to Salt-n-Pepa and Spinderella Pistons Style

  1. Julian says:

    I love the great photo of Piston`s version of salt n pepa.

    1 more chance for a 25 W season.
    Go Pistons.

  2. Free says:

    HAHHAHHAHAA Awesome job Nat!!!

  3. the fluidics says:

    Om my god, charlie!! lol

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