Pistons amost tame the Bulls

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Rodney Stuckey

The #Pistons looked like they had a shot at breaking the 14 game winning streak that Chicago Bulls had over them, but a Derrick Rose three pointer with 6.4 seconds left to force overtime sealed the Pistons fate.   The Bulls were just too much for the Detroit in OT pulling away to a  100-94 victory at the Palace.

Key Points:

  • You can’t give Derrick Rose an open shot anytime let alone with the game is on the line.
  • Despite a missed free throw late in the game that could have cemented victory for Detroit, Rodney Stuckey played a fantastic game.  Stuckey with 32 points, 4 boards, 3 steals and an assist in 35 minutes from the floor.  Had it not been for Stuckey, the Pistons probably wouldn’t have come close to competing in this one.

Rodney Stuckey

  • Jason Maxiell just loves to give us a good highlight, and his thunder jam was one for the season reel.  Jason finished with 6 points and 9 boards.
  • The Pistons get baskets when their defense is working, and it led to a lot of nice buckets Sunday night.
  • Derrick Rose going 9-for-22 for 24 and the dagger.
  • The Pistons biggest lead 6 points, the Bulls 14.
  • Charlie Villanueva showing he’s got trade value with a SEASON HIGH 13 points on 6-for-15 shooting with 3 boards, a flagrant foul on Derrick Rose and a technical to follow.  The Bulls wound up shooting five free throws on that single possession, making four of them, to take a one-point lead with 4:20 remaining,  Let’s get on the phones in the off-season Joe! Look at this play NBA GM’s.

[flashvideo file=http://nba.cdn.turner.com/nba/big/games/pistons/2012/04/15/0021100897_chi_det_play5.nba_nba_576x324.flv /]
Via NBA.com

  • OMG…Damion Wilkins 2 points where highlight worthy.
  • Messy basketball from the Pistons in overtime.
  • Greg Monroe with 13 points and 8 boards.
  • 12 lead changes.
  • This team is learning to close games out…learning but not winning.
  • Way too many Bulls fans in the building.  When you hear the crowd cheering for a Kyle Korver three pointer with the game on the line, you feel like you’re being punked by Rod Serling.
  • I don’t care…I still hate the Bulls, Kyle Korver makes me ill, I still can’t believe Brian Scalabrine is still in the NBA, and I still want to rip Joakim Noah’s bun off the top of his head.
  • Good to see Rip in the building, he seems to be in the right place for himself.  Hamilton finished the game with 13 points on 6-for-12 shooting.
  • Prince with just 4 points on the night.
  • A surprising DNP coaches decision for Jonas Jerebko.  A conspiracy theorist would think something of Jonas not playing and Charlie with minutes.
  • Despite the outcome, this was a very good game played by this Pistons team.
  • Knight with 13 points, 5 boards and 7 assists and some gutsy  shots in the face of Derrick Rose.
  • Highlights via NBA.com

[flashvideo file=http://nba.cdn.turner.com/nba/big/games/pistons/2012/04/15/0021100897_chi_det_recap.nba_nba_576x324.flv /]

  • A season high 13 made free throws for Rodney Stuckey.
  • Ben Gordon a whopping nine points against his former team.  I don’t know why they don’t double team the man!
  • Next game is on Tuesday against the Cavaliers at the Palace. If you want to watch this one, you’d better head out to the Palace, this one won’t be televised.
9 Responses to "Pistons amost tame the Bulls"
  1. Lori says:

    “I don’t care…I still hate the Bulls, Kyle Korver makes me ill, I still can’t believe Brian Scalabrine is still in the NBA, and I still want to rip Joakim Noah’s bun off the top of his head.”

    Love it and totally agree, especially about the bun!

  2. O'brother says:

    don’t think i”ll be clickin that link…

  3. Drew says:

    Stuckey lost us the game and kept us in it at the same time. Frustrating. He missed a handful of free throws down the stretch. He looked sick or still injured in this game. So I guess scoring 32 isn’t bad, considering that.

  4. piston_fan_phl says:

    why didn’t they fouled rose before he took the 3? and why did monroe let rose take that open 3?

  5. junior says:

    Its a loss but im was PROUD to b a pistons fan last night. They fought and played hard. If not for the bs flagrant 1 call, which cuased the t, we wouldnt even b talking about the stuckey fts. Cv31 clearly went for the ball, i mean he had two hands hit it away from rose, it wascvs elbow thatgot roses nose. Just a clean hard foul. But i guess the mvp has to b treated SPECIAL.

  6. terry says:

    Pistons dodged a bullet on that one. Now if they can just fall short against Cleveland };^)

  7. Julian says:

    I hope that Frank uses JJ at SF off the bench and CV at PF off the bench for the last few games since Wilkins is a FA next year and may not be back.

  8. MrRockinWTB says:

    Although Stuckey missed some key free throws it doesn’t entirely fall on him. No one remembers Moose missing that bunny Stuckey lobbed in there perfectly to him?

  9. edt says:

    4 games left, we are headed for pick #10 and Jared Sullinger if we are lucky.

    Mock draft projects Sullinger not in the top 10, why??? Because of a single bad game against Kansas? Sullinger would be absolutely brutal paired with Moose.

    We have about 10% chance to win the lotto, not sure if it makes too much difference if we win or lose these last few games.

    I would like to see Ben Gordon get major minutes, Charlie V & Daye are hopeless, I don’t think we can get anything for them in trade, but if BG lights it up, maybe we can trade him.

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