If you didn’t know by now, MC Hammer will be the Halftime show at the #Pistons – #Raptors game Sunday evening at the Palace of Auburn Hills. What you probably didn’t know is that LF Hammer will be performing all night long.

You can’t touch him.

Lawrence Frank is Too Legit to Quit

You probably didn’t know that Lawrence Frank was Too Legit to Quit!

Lawrence Frank is Too Legit to Quit

Go See LF Hammer – Get Pistons tickets directly for the Pistons with no Ticket fees!

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2 Responses to MC Hammer no… LF Hammer

  1. Julian says:

    It is Hammer time!

    This game could be the last Piston W of the season in what essentially might turn out to be a battle for a lottery pick in the draft. Loser would still be in the log jam for the 6- 8th pick. The winner could get the 9th pick.

  2. [...] The unknown: Who’s going to throw down the Hammer better, MC Hammer or LF Hammer? [...]

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