What happened to the Pistons shirtless dancing kid?

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If you have been a #Pistons fan in the past ten years you’ll remember this young man.

As I was going through my old video archives I saw this clip and remembered the pure awesome/weirdness that was the Pistons dancing kid.

I have sat very close to him, and in fact my season tickets were directly across from him and his father’s season tickets for years. So I have seen more than I wanted to on most night when I was trying to enjoy the Pistons play.

I never could really understand the whole thing.

If you’re unaware of the Pistons dancing kid, I’ll walk you down memory lane.

This young man attended a ton of Pistons games during the championship run with his dad. During timeouts, or any time he thought the camera was on him he would take his shirt (or Pistons jersey) off and do his little dance to get attention and on the big screen at The Palace of Auburn Hills.

Worst of all his pops encouraged it.

I always found it quite disturbing.

Still going to the games myself, I have wondered what has become of him.

I have to think someone that I know or who follows the site or myself on twitter has got to know his name or what he’s up to now, and…if he’s embarrassed of his ‘creepy’ Pistons dance.

He’s got to be at least 15 by now. Come on people, lets find out where he is.

12 Responses to "What happened to the Pistons shirtless dancing kid?"
  1. Julian says:

    I heard that he got contacs and is in Vegas working as a Chippendale dancer.

  2. mike says:

    I think his dad took him to sports camps ran by Sandusky and Fine… He was last seen the the Fines basement with Mrs Fine. His dad was outside keeping the car warm….. This just looks disturbing.

    • RalphH says:

      Your comments are “most” disturbing. To me, the kid was just having fun at the game.

      • No honestly I have seen this kid in person at least 50 times doing his thing and it was more than him having a good time. Maybe it started as him trying to have a good time but it went beyond that.

        I know plenty of people can back me up on this.

        • Junior says:

          Yes..by time his popularity came…It started getting a little sketchy. I know me and the ticket holders next to me were def talking.

  3. Jan Scholl says:

    This is funny because during the late 1980’s and up to about 92, or so, there was a guy in our section 210-11 (my season tickets were cheapo’s since I had kids in college and high school) and he was really overweight but danced like Rerun on What’s Happening? He was a white guy, in college to study dentristy I think (gosh I hope he isn’t a gyno!) and my son got him to autograph the seat cusions they gave out one night. I can’t remember his name but I bet son remembers (unless the manure in the corn fields of Iowa friend his brain). In this same section was a young woman who got her jollies dancing on the hand rails. She always wore low cut dresses and sequins because they would get her on camera, too. She was blond, but when up close, looked incredibley old. I imagine each semi generation has a couple of them. Sadly two of the guys I went to the games with (I was the only female with 3 best buddies!), who would drool over this floozie, are now dead. I bet both are playing some mean pick up games in the clouds. I would score their HORSE games. Have a great spring Natalie. Maybe I will win the lottery next week and get tickets again (hubby is sans work now for 3 1/2 years).

  4. tim* says:

    Oh I remember that kid. The camera ALWAYS remained on him JUST long enough to where you couldn’t take the creepiness anymore. I hope he’s out there somewhere living this down.

  5. Badboys says:

    He is in the same grade as my niece who is 12 and she has been going to school with him since then. I will have her ask him if he still attends Pistons games, but I doubt it.

  6. maverick says:

    this kid is on my baseball team

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