The Pistons vs. The Lakers

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The Pistons vs. The Lakers

The 12-26 #Pistons will host the 23-14 Lakers Tuesday night at the Palace of Auburn Hills. Los Angeles has won five straight from the Pistons, including three in a row at The Palace of Auburn Hills by an average of 13.3 points.

  • The good: Brandon Knight is averaging 16.9 points over his last seven games.
  • The bad: Remember last time the Lakers were at the Palace and Rip Hamilton decided to get tossed minutes into the game and then Kobe went off to score 33 on Detroit?
  • Who to watch:Kobe Bryant and all the Kobe Bryant jerseys at the Palace of Auburn Hills.
  • The unknown: On of the worst nights in my eyes if you’re a Pistons fan to go to the Palace for a game. Who will have more fans in the seats Kobe Bryant fans or Pistons fans?

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Tip off is at 7:30 pm and will be broadcast on Fox Sports Plus. If you can’t catch the game on TV, catch it on the radio over at 97.1 The Ticket.

22 Responses to "The Pistons vs. The Lakers"
  1. Avatar daddy says:

    i live in san antonio and went to the bulls game and it was the same. more d rose fans than spurs fans its pathetic how people are fair weather fans. oh well they can have kobe and the lakers im not too worried about that. brandon knight is going to have a great game tonight. every point guard kills the lakers.

  2. Avatar wade says:


  3. Avatar edt says:

    Stuckey is the poor man’s Wade. And it’s a great thing!

    Oh the look on Kobe’s face after the game. So precious.

  4. Avatar NYC says:

    Bah! Missed all but the last thirty seconds of this one. Can’t wait to watch the replay. In the replay heard waaaaay too many people cheering for Kobe’s buzzer beater. I guess good to know a lot of fair weather fans just went home disappointed (can fair weather fans be disappointed?).

  5. Avatar Cerecyte says:

    Aw Way to jinx Knight Nat. Zero Points.

    Monroe’s scoring was underwhelming. Though bad shooting nights happen, at least he was able to grab 15 rebs in 25 mins against Gasol and Bynum. That says a lot actually.

  6. Avatar Drew says:

    All Stuckey at the end. Truly a performance for the ages.

  7. Avatar Lori says:

    Best game of the season.

  8. Avatar rai_from_the_philippines says:

    Stuckey carried the team offensively, when everyone is shooting poorly.


    GO Pistons!!!

  9. Avatar Drew says:

    Somebody oughtta Youtube all of Stuckey’s plays together in one video, including where he got fouled by Gasol near the end and yet sent Gasol flying.

  10. Avatar pistonsfan101 says:

    Stuckey’s cross over –

  11. Avatar Conway Eastwood says:

    A great game, and I missed it. ­čÖü

  12. Avatar MrRockinWTB says:

    Where’s all the trade Stuck talks tonight? LOL

  13. Avatar junior says:

    My man stuck, nuff said!!

  14. Avatar Kevin (PHL) says:

    Good game by Stuck. Still would have preferred a few more assists from him though.


  15. Avatar Julian says:

    Great statement game in my opinion against one of the hottest teams in the league. Shows that we can beat any team on a given night if we are focused.
    It is funny that in the first quarter Stuck settled for outside jumpers and then after that he got aggressive and took it to the basket.

    The best part was sending all those Kobe fans home disappointed.

  16. Avatar daddy says:

    stuck has always been great in my eyes. he does have a nack for driving to the basket to get blocked but he is trying to draw fouls on the bigs. we all know he is not a pg and now that when he gets the ball he knows what to do, score.

  17. Avatar Drew says:

    Stuckey did great, but he still isnt all you all claim he is. He is selfish, drives too much, and hardly gets any calls. Its not his fault that he isn’t a sueprstar, but he does try hard. He turns the ball over in late game situations and i dont like him. I think he is good for Detroit basketball, but Joe D needs to do some serious GM for the trade dealine. He has gambled with this team for too long and I don’t want to fall with the team behind his awful decisions. If Joe D doesnt make a move by the trade deadline, then I have NO faith in him and he should get fired. Wow, you got the 2004 team together! big deal, look at where we are at now! its his fault we are this bad and we need a good, signifigant change. I don’t care who it takes to give up, besides Greg Monroe, we need something, ANYTHING!

    • Avatar edt says:

      our two best players are monroe & stuckey.

      I would love for Brandon Knight to become a solid player but his PER is on the bottom, turnover prone, poor court vision, streaky 3 point shooting. He’s still young tho.

      Prince is on the decline.

      Ben gordon is a turnover machine.

      Wallace is retiring.

      Wilkens, Russel, Daye, Macklin, Singler all headed to D league, bench or out of the NBA or not even making it to the usa

      Maxiell, Jerebko, Bynum solid bench players.

      Charlie V, does he still play for the pistons?

      Well that’s our whole roster, and it’s Stuckey that’s the problem?

      Stuckey is not the problem.

      That said, I wouldn’t mind trading Stuckey for value. The only untradable player we hvae is moose.

  18. Avatar Mel says:

    WoW Drew , Way to rain on a good Pistons win.

  19. Avatar Julian says:

    Joe D and L Frank have about 2 more years to improve the team performance before Gores gets impatient for results and increased attendance/income.

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