The Pistons vs. The Kings

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The Pistons vs. The Kings

The 15-27 #Pistons are in Sacramento for the second game of their Western trip to take on the 14-28 Kings. Winners of four of their last six games, the Pistons have snuck back into playoff contention, while the Kings have lost six of eight and their last two games.

  • The good: Detroit is in the eleventh spot in the east, just three games behind New York and Milwaukee.
  • The bad: The Kings game may be the Pistons chance to put a W up on this road trip as they play the Suns, Clippers and Nuggets before they get back home to play one against the Heat.
  • Who to watch:The DeMarcus Cousins – Greg Monroe battle.
  • The unknown: Thursday is the NBA trade deadline, will the Pistons make a move?

Tip off is at 10:00 pm and will be broadcast on Fox Sports. If you can’t catch the game on TV, catch it on the radio over at 97.1 The Ticket.

5 Responses to "The Pistons vs. The Kings"
  1. edt says:

    is this even the same team we saw in january? wow. They look like they are a good team. Great to see the moose have a good game.

  2. Tycoon says:

    This is the most winnabe of this road stretch and glad we got what we expected. Monster numbers from Stuckey and Monroe.

  3. piston_fan_phls says:

    now Moose got his revenge (32-11-2 +15) on Cousins and i believe this is the last game against the kings this season so we got the last laugh lol. BKnight with a double double with 10 points 11 assists and stuckey with 35/5/6. I can see the Knight/Stuckey duo dominating the nba in the years to come.

  4. Jo-El says:

    Now I’m a fan of Maxiell but I still believe that the Pistons should make a play for a dominant big to work with Monroe. But given that this is a young team, it might be easier to do that in the off-season, so they have more time to gel if need be. But if they do make a play, please do it for CV31 (highly unlikely), Daye (it might come back to bite us in the behind), or BG (a little unlikely). Problem is, none of those three are big names enough to get a good caliber post player.

  5. Julian says:

    Trading for a big man is very unlikely this year.
    But hopefully we can either draft or acquire on by FA to help Moose.
    Maxiell has an option year so he may not be back next year and CV31 seems destined for amnesty since he is in Frank`s doghouse for some reason.

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