The Pistons vs. The Bulls

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The Pistons vs The Bulls

The 18-32 #Pistons are in Chicago to take on the 41-11 #Bulls. The Bulls sit solidly in first place even with injury to MVP Derrick Rose, while the Pistons are fighting for a possible playoff spot.

Ben Gordon and Rodney Stuckey are out for the Pistons tonight.  Derrick Rose is a gametime decision, while  Rip Hamilton, who hasn’t played the last 15 games for the Bulls says he’s ready to go against his former team.

  • The good: TGI FRIDAY? And the Pistons play the Bobcats Saturday night at home.
  • The bad: Chicago is already putting this one in the Win column by the way their local media is talking, which isn’t really a surprise. Do you even remember the last the Pistons beat the Bulls?
  • Who to watch: Austin Day, who will be in the starting lineup.  And keep your eye on Rip Hamilton, who seems to always want to show the Pistons what he can still do.
  • The unknown: Just how bad this one can be.

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Tip off is at 8:00 pm and will be broadcast on Fox Sports. If you can’t catch the game on TV, catch it on the radio over at 97.1 The Ticket.

5 Responses to "The Pistons vs. The Bulls"
  1. Avatar Dennis(Germany) says:

    “while the Pistons are fighting for a possible playoff spot”
    Not really anymore ..

  2. Avatar Mel says:

    It’s funny to me how most announcers for other teams dog out the Pistons, not all but most. Where as Greg Kelser and George Blahha keeps it professional. For example, I really don’t care for Eddis Johnson for the Suns, the guy for the Cav’s or Stacey king for the Bull’s. These guy’s didn’t really do anything for their teams when they played.

    • Avatar Drew says:

      Sad thing is some people think Stacy King is one of the best color commentators. I think he can be annoying and he overdoes it a lot.

  3. Avatar Lori says:

    Wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be.

  4. Avatar Mel says:

    You can tell the Pistons are improving because Stacey King couldn’t rant like he usually does during our match ups. He was actually giving the Pistons credit , until the end when he knew Chicago had the game in the bag. I can’t wait till next season, regardless with who we get in the draft. I’m confident in L Frank and the coaching staff. He’s helped players we considered average or below become competitive, which breeds confidence. We’re going in the right direction now.

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