The Pistons vs. The Bobcats

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The Pistons vs. The Bobcats

The 18-32 #Pistons are back home to take on the 7-42 Bobcats Saturday night at The Palace of Auburn Hills. The Bobcats, who have already been eliminated from the playoffs, need eight victories in its remaining 17 regular-season games to avoid setting the mark for the worst record in team history.

  • The good: They are playing the Bobcats.
  • The bad:The Pistons are struggling to find offense with Stuckey out.
  • Who to watch:Brandon Knight and Greg Monroe, who will both be looking to score if Stuckey and Gordon don’t return.
  • The unknown: The status of Rodney Stuckey and Ben Gordon.

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Tip off is at 7:30 pm and will be broadcast on Fox Sports. If you can’t catch the game on TV, catch it on the radio over at 97.1 The Ticket.

3 Responses to "The Pistons vs. The Bobcats"
  1. greg says:

    what a gritty comeback! would have been humiliation for sure

  2. edt says:

    i’m starting to feel indifferent, we lose we get balls, and the unibrow is a beast. We win, and I feel good about the future of our young core.

    the unibrow is a beast, but at our likely 8th pick, we seem slotted in for sullinger who is incredibly aggressive even tho he had a bad night against kansas today.

    It is starting to really make me mad how much Prince bitches at the refs. Come on, set a good example, aren’t you the veteran leadership? Quit that bull.

  3. Drew says:

    Didn’t see the game tonight. I was watching my other team (KU). Glad the ‘Stones were able to ward off embarrassment. Nice to get a win against anybody without Stuckey and, to a much much lesser degree, Gordon.

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