Charlie Villanueva says he’s good to play against the Hawks

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Looks like Charlie V is pain free and wants to return to the lineup for against the Hawks Friday night.

Do Pistons fans want to see the return of Villanueva who’s played a whopping six minutes this season?

Not so much.

“Frank was noncommittal about Villanueva’s availability against the Hawks or Saturday night’s game, against the Toronto Raptors. ” Via The Free Press

I personally don’t think Charles is in Charge, just because he says he’s ready to play doesn’t mean he will.

And if for some reason we see him playing, we may just see this Lawrence Frank.

Angry Cartoon Lawrence Frank

5 Responses to "Charlie Villanueva says he’s good to play against the Hawks"
  1. Julian says:

    I would like to see CV backup Maxiell and have JJ backup Tayshaun.
    But I think there is more to this story than a sore ankle.
    For some reason he is deep in Frank`s doghouse and may never escape it.
    If so he will be the world`s highest paid cheerleader.

  2. daddy says:

    for some reason? this guy couldnt guard a parked car. i understand not everyone is going to be big ben but fuck put some effort in it. that and dont just camp out at the three point like youre playing a pick up game.

  3. Riv says:

    This might be a make it work for the Pistons or make it work for someone else. Trade deadline is near, amnesty is even nearer!!

  4. Markov7 says:

    god i hope he stays in dogpond,and austin daye too when i watch theese 2 i cant help asking myself how on earth did they become bball players trough high school,colleague,etc.

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