Why Detroit is the perfect fit for Greg Monroe

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Dear Greg,
The Bad Boys are so proud of you.
Bill Laimbeer

When I saw this in All Star Rising Challenge it just made me love Greg Monroe that much more.

Hat tip to pistonsfan101 and Jamie Samuelsen for pointing me toward the video so I didn’t have to capture it.

7 Responses to "Why Detroit is the perfect fit for Greg Monroe"
  1. Avatar BAMF 1792 says:

    Monroe also stole a Gatorade from Marshon Brooks right after the game. That’s just ‘Nasty’!

  2. Avatar Drew says:

    B. Knight missed a gang of 3s in that game.

  3. Avatar Shawn says:

    hahahah I <3 Moose

  4. Avatar Bellllissimo says:

    AND john wall got mad pregame when a jeremy lin interview cut his interview short. Dude can’t catch a break

    john wall umad?

  5. Avatar rai_from_the_philippines says:

    Moose just trolled them big time.

  6. Avatar daddy says:

    not only did b knight miss a bunch of three’s most of them werent even close. had me thinking maybe he was trying to hard, i hope. moose that was amazing i stood up and applauded.

  7. Avatar Drew says:

    I think I enjoy these rookie-sophomore contests more than the All Star Game. Who knows, maybe it’s because we always have a representative in this one…

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