Who is Moose Monroe’s Rocky?

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We all know that Greg Monroe’s nickname is Moose, so for me you know the obvious combination in toon land is Rocky and Bullwinkle. So who truly is Greg’s Rocky? I’m going with Brandon Knight.

Moose Monroe is Bullwinkle

Original Art by Al Kigore editing artwork Need4Sheed.com

Now if you’re familiar with the old cartoon you’d know there were the evil Boris and Natasha (spies) that Rocky and Bullwinkle had to deal with. You can decide for yourselves who plays those roles in this Piston scenario.

And FYI..Bullwinkle sometimes came off as a little goofy so I’m making it clear that I’m not putting Greg in that category, it was just a fitting duo in my eyes.

2 Responses to "Who is Moose Monroe’s Rocky?"
  1. Badboy says:

    BK! It’s perfect for years to come

  2. Brian G. says:

    Rocky looks a little like Charles O’ Bannon…

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