The Pistons vs. The Nets

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The 7-20 Pistons are back home to host the 8-19 Nets. What Piston fan doesn’t want to get another chance to see New Jersey?

The starts are in the Pistons favor being that the Nets have dropped nine straight at The Palace since a 79-74 victory March 26, 2006. The Pistons have won 28 of the last 31 regular-season match-ups at home against New Jersey.

  • The good:  Going for a four game winning streak,  and Star Wars night.
  • The bad: Is the fact that Charlie V is still MIA a bad thing?
  • Who to watch: Deron Williams, and the 34 points he dropped on the Pistons Wednesday night. Greg Monroe and Jason Maxiell taking it to Kris Humphries again.
  • The unknown: Can they really make this four in a row?  Will Greg Monroe prove  why he should have been an All Star reserve, even though he’s proven it all season long?

Detroit Pistons Star Wars Night Get exclusive ticket deals for Need4Sheed readers straight from the Pistons with NO TICKET FEES. I can’t tell you how many people are excited about Star Wars night, especially with the cool Poster you get if you head out to the game.

Tip off is at 7:30 pm and will be broadcast on Fox Sports PLUS. If you can’t catch the game on TV, catch it on the radio over at 97.1 the Ticket.

May the Gores be with you

8 Responses to "The Pistons vs. The Nets"
  1. edt says:

    How does it feel, 5 minutes left in the game and it’s garbage time in favor of the Pistons?

    It feels good.

  2. gordbrown says:

    I say let’s have Star Wars Night more often

  3. Julian says:

    The force was with us tonight. The streak continues.
    Maxiell who ended with 4 blocks set the tone early with tough D.
    Yet another double double for Moose. Stuck took it to the hole early and often.
    Brandon 3-3 from 3 point land.
    Good production off the bench again for JJ and BG.
    Pistons score 100 points for the first time in regulation and outrebounded the Nets again.
    The bad news was Austin 1-7 shooting. He is trying hard but just can not score.
    Vernon M. is the new version of the human victory cigar. It did not work out well for Darko.

  4. blam says:

    What about Jeremy Lin huh? I was thinking the honeymoon is over, his production came against weak teams and now he scores 38 on the lakers. Amazing. This dude is simply amazing.

  5. N1ck says:

    Well, it seems we’ve got ourselves a rotation…

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