Need4Sheed Mid Season Pistons Grades

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This is what happens when I grade our Pistons.

Greg Monroe

Greg Monroe Indiana
Photo/Getty Images Editing

Moose continues to get better before out eyes.  In his second season he’s just about averaging a double-double .  He was arguebly  on the fence for an All Star nod, and he’s making his team better.  He’s growing defensively and mid-range game is developing.  It’s also nice to have a big man who makes his free throws.

Happy Sheed
Grade – Sheedtastic and getting better.


Brandon Knight

Brandon Knight Detroit Pistons

Photo/Getty Images editing

The Pistons have a future at the point guard spot. Brandon Knight is learning as he goes, but you can see how bright even the darkest of Knights can be with Brandon on the team. With no camp under his belt and just a year in college, Brandon is in school on the Palace court for all to see.

And he’s getting it done.

He makes his mistakes, but you can see the talent and the chemistry he has with his teammates. He’s got heart, talent and isn’t afraid to take the game winning (or losing) shot.

Happy SheedGrade: Sheedtastic every Knight.

Tayshaun Prince

Tayshaun Prince

Photo/Getty Images editing

As much as Pistons fans love Tayshaun Prince, he’s been fading for the past couple of seasons.  Most of you, including myself really didn’t understand the resigning of Prince.   You can blame some of this seasons shortcomings on injury, but he’s truly on the downside of his career. This Pistons team needs the 2004 Tay not the one we have today.

Angry SheedGrade –  UN-Sheedtastic Signing and Play

Rodney Stuckey

Rodney Stuckey vs The Trail Blazers

Photo/Getty Images editing

You can’t deny it, when Stuckey is on his game, the Pistons win ball games. Stuckey started the season without a bang, but has seemed to get into the flow of things. I’m sure the fact that he doesn’t have to play the PG position much with Brandon Knight on the squad, Stuckey is doing what he loves to do best. Take the shot.

The thing I’d like to see most in Stuckey is more of an attitude change, especially after last season. I though things had changed for the better, but after his early vacation for the All Star break, I’m keeping my eyes open.

Happy Sheed
Grade – Potential to be a solid Stucktacular with a chance of Buffoonery.

Ben Wallace

Ben Wallace

Photo/Getty Images editing

When Ben Wallace doesn’t have to play more than about 15 minutes per game he shows flashes of the Defensive Player of the years he was.  When we get that from the Ben of the past, it usually means this team is in the ball game.

Though we don’t see if often, when we do it’s great.

We’ll miss  him for who he was, but the team could use an upgrade. veteran presence or not.

Happy SheedAngry SheedGrade: ½ Sheedtastic when he’s had excessive amounts of Arnie’s fountain of youth drink.

Ben Gordon

Ben Gordon vs Celtics

Photo/Getty Images editing

This Ben Gordon deal just hasn’t panned out for the Pistons. In his third year with Detroit, he’s still not the Ben Gordon that we thought we were signing. He’s getting a boat load of money for playing like 8th man off the bench.

Though he’s doing some things a little better than seasons past, how can you count on a guy like this…you know the one that’s getting paid the most on the roster for doing the most dissapointing job.
Angry SheedGrade: Negative Sheedtastic with a chance of Amnesty

Jason Maxiell

Since he’s been put in the starting lineup in place of the Swede, Jason has been contributing.  He may not fill up the stat sheets day in and day out, but he’s doing his job.  He’ll always be undersize, and right now overpaid, but he’ll give us one of those moments every now and then that just make us smile.

Happy SheedGrade – Sometimes Baby Eating Sheedtastic


Will Bynum

Bynumite is not his name, but Will has no game.  Not this season anyway.  He’s been injured much of the season and when he returned he couldn’t crack the rotation again.  Will we see the  explosiveness to fly by just about anyone facing him and then dunk on a 7 footer again?

Time WILL tell.

Angry SheedGrade – Bynumiteless


Jonas Jerebko

Jonas Jerebko

Photo/Getty Images editing

If you wanted a bang from Jonas after not seeing him play all of last season, you really didn’t get it. What you did get was The Swede playing solid ball as soon as Lawrence Frank make him their sixth man. He gets into foul trouble quite frequently, but he’s never out there giving it less than 100%.

He’s not making us wow as much as he did as a rookie, but he’s getting the job done. You have to love a guy who has heart and is willing to do the dirty things to get it done.

Happy SheedAngry SheedGrade: 1/2 Swedetastic

Austin Daye

Austin Daye

Photo/Getty Images editing

When it takes you half the season to get one good game in and you can’t get playing time over a guy who’s got the stomach flu and was signed to play defense, something turrrable is going on.

Austin is going thorough something way worse than a slump.  If you have no confidence in your game and neither does your coach it’s going take a miracle or a trade to ressurect your career.

I’m especially upset with him for the simple fact that he’s ruined our Daye and Knight/Knight and Day tag.

Angry SheedGrade– Turrrably Un-Sheedtastic 


Damion Wilkins

Damien wasn’t signed to light this team on fire. He was supposed to help on the defensive end and he’s done that. He wasn’t expected to score much, but he’s won Austin’s job, being more solid that Daye on both end of the floor. He plays are and you an count on him. That’s solid for this team.

Happy SheedGrade: Sheedtastic with no Human Highlight abilities.

Walker Russell Jr.

When “The Walkman” was called up from the D-League to help the team through the injuries, he made a splash. The 29 year old made his first NBA appearance for Detroit and show the Pistons that he could play the PG position. He’s not going to score 20, but he sure knows how to get the ball to the guys that does.

Happy SheedGrade: Sheedtastic story with a spark.



Lawrence Frank

They started out terrible, but Lawrence Frank has gotten this group of guys to play like a team. That’s something that this organization hasn’t seen since about 2007. Whether this team is winning or not you can see he’s making his players better, and getting the most out of his guys. They seem to respect Frank, which is something they haven’t done in quite some time.

Anyone that brings back the “D” to Detroit, and gets this team to play together gets a better than average grade considering pervious coaches track record.

Happy SheedGrade: Frankly Sheedtastic

7 Responses to "Need4Sheed Mid Season Pistons Grades"
  1. Badboy says:

    Ah Natalie, I could marry you. Awesome write up.
    Let’s hope for lots of lottery balls, sprinkled victories and constant knight and monroe progression

  2. C-Quense says:

    Really nice recap, I agree to most of it. But unfortunately the Pistons aren’t playing any D at all. Maybe it’s a lack of talent or attitude, but they are 29th in opponents FG%.

    • Leftos says:

      Still, they’re the most improved team defensively from December-January to February and the 2nd most improved team offensively. After the rough start, even if on a relative to the league comparison we’re not getting that better, we ARE getting better, and that’s a start.

  3. daddy says:

    we are getting better. give knight some time like it was stated he is learning on the fly with no veteran help. ill take knowledge over skill any day and knight will learn it over time. hell id be up for signing someone like kidd for a year just so he can mentor knight. moose has big ben and look at the strides he has made. someone just to give you pointers so you dont have to waste time wondering how to guard a certain offense or how to attack it.

  4. Lori says:

    Love it, Natalie!! And we’re definitely getting better. Think about last year!

  5. edt says:

    100% agree nat. You got my sheedtastic vote for your update today.

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