May the Gores be with you – Star Wars Night at The Palace

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Fresh off of 3 straight wins, the #Pistons return to The Palace of Auburn Hills to host the New Jersey Nets.  If three consecutive victories and another chance to see the Pistons take on the Nets  isn’t enough to get you to Auburn Hills, than I’m pretty sure you’re going because it’s Star Wars Night.

The fist 10 thousand fans to walk in the door get a limited edition, individually numbered Pistons/Star Wars poster.  Over 25 Star Wars characters from the movie will be at the Palace to greet fans prior to and during the game. If that weren’t enough a never before seen video by Lucas Films will be shown at halftime.

I’m going all out and have decided to dress up as Princess Leia.  So if you see someone with two Cinnabuns over their ears say hello!

I don’t know about you, but forget the Storm Trooper…this is the guy who I want to greet me at the Palace doors.

Star Wars Night at The Palace May The Gores Be With You

May The Gores Be With You

I have been doing the whole “May the Gores be with you” bit since Tom bought the team, because I happen to think it’s funny and fitting.  So I just want to thank Mike Antonich for coining the phrase and for tweeting it to me one night after talking about our favorite basketball team and their new owner.

If you want to head out tho the game you can get a great deal on tickets directly from the Palace with no ticket fees.

3 Responses to "May the Gores be with you – Star Wars Night at The Palace"
  1. Julian says:

    Moose snubbed for this year`s all star team lineup.
    R. Hibbert from INDY chosen as a reserve center instead.
    What a disgrace.

    Moose ranks 3rd in scoring by centers in the NBA and Hibbert ranks 7th.
    Moose had been a double double machine especially in the last 10 games.
    The all star selection is a joke. Paul Pierce and Dirk N. chosen?
    They both are sucking it up this year. The selections should be based on current merit (stats) not past reputation.

  2. Matt says:

    Oh man, Gores has gotta love that photoshop job LOL! Brialliant

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