Yes…they really won

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No recap just now, but I felt the need to post this before I celebrated. That felt like Basketball!

Rodney was Stucktacular!
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Enjoy Pistons fans, you and this team needed this one.

16 Responses to "Yes…they really won"
  1. Drew says:

    Wow, Natalie busting out the “Stucktacular.” Probably been two years for that.

    • I’m pretty sure it’s been that long since he has been. Insert comment below from EDT reminding me of my new years resolution.

      • junior says:

        nat remember the whole last month of last season? he was pretty stucktacular then. that wasnt 2 years. lol

      • edt says:

        As far as I am concerned new year’s resolutions have an expiration date the week before feb. I think it’s ok. You can go back to bashing stuckey and eating chocolate cake all you want. Or just eat chocolate cake and let stuckey be stucktacular.

        If you look at the stats, you can see a lot of our first ten losses were just Brandon Knight being a noob and coughing up the ball, free points for the other team. He’ll develop a better handle later this season.

        For now tho, Stuckey takes some of the ball handling pressure off Knight when they are on the floor together.

        I’m not sure where Ben Gordon is. Is his shoulder really that sore? Is Charlie’s ankle really that bruised?

        Why don’t we have more Mad Ants and less overpaid guys watching the game in street clothes?

        • zane says:

          Yeap! with BG and CV (hurt?= the pistons salary cap) we have the most highest paid cheerleaders in the leauge… shame Joe wasted that money he better break out the broom cause he got a big wasted mess to clean up……

  2. Enoc (Mexico) says:

    A much needed win… Great D!

  3. Julian says:

    No BG. No problem. Stuck saves the day. Shows me that Stuckey is more valuable than BG in what they bring to the table.
    Good game all around for the team. Good defense for a change also.
    Much needed W since the 4 games are going to brutal for the Pistons.
    Keep up the intensity, boys.

  4. Julian says:

    I forgot to mention W. Russell. He is a good human interest story for the Pistons.
    He is a 2 time all star during his 3 years playing for the Mad Ants. Good stats in the D league, especially APG.
    A star at Jacksonville State, and still holds a few records there.
    Career FTP of about 85% in college.
    I like his passing ability. His problem is he is short/thin and I am not sure how good of shooter he can be in the NBA with taller and stronger defenders on him.
    I hope he sticks for awhile because he has a knack for penetrating and then finding an open Piston for a good shot. I like to see what he can do in the NBA for at least a dozen games. He may find a niche here with all our injuries.
    Good luck WR.

  5. Julian says:

    Bench played well for the Pistons against Portlandia.
    Good minutes for JJ (no blood, no foul), Maxiell and Mad Ant Russell.
    I am going to begin a START JONAS campaign.
    Big Ben is only averaging around 2 PPG and 2 RPG even though he has started the last few games. That is pathetic for a starter.
    I know JJ gets into foul trouble and his defense is not the best but he is much quicker than a 37 y.o. Wallace and should be part of the youth movement for the future.

    • zane says:

      You see Ben start as a neg but it’s not..You’re not seeing the BIGGER picture here…. think of it as a relay race you put the slowest in but you finish with the fastest. Ben is old that is true but he has helped this team. His work may not show up on the score sheet but don’t underestimate his hard work…. He’s put in to protect JJ and jump start our~defense~not score points… since JJ usually gets into foul trouble so if you put Ben in we have jj down the stretch to finish..

  6. piston_fan_phl says:

    anyone saw Monroe’s face when the clock expired? lol he really wanted this win.

    • zane says:

      Yeah! priceless… like a kid on christmas morining….after all the work he’s been putting in and coming up short you could tell he was like finally some help from my team mates YIPEEEEEEEE ……..Now this was a great win for the team lost a big lead but “stuckey” together and pulled out the win.

  7. zane says:

    Yes I have gone on record saying I wasn’t a stuckey fan… but maybe just maybe it wasn’t his fault I didn’t like him. Maybe we have finally found a coach who knows how to use him and get more out of him …. So to all the stuckey fans who want to say, “I told you so”. Hats off to ya. He has played well and I must give credit were credit is due… Great job stuckey hitting threes, passing, etc….. wow who would of thunk it ooook maybe the stuckey fans. stuckey and knight I must say ….. I like it

  8. Julian says:

    We right in the middle of the league as far as average age for NBA teams.
    Yet we are in the bottom of the league as far as Wins.
    Our winning percentage has been going downhill since the 2007 season.
    We need to play our younger players to get game experience (except for Austin) and think about getting rid of our older players. We need to get younger, quicker, and more athletic in order to turn this around. The glory days are over. Big Ben needs to retire next year. Prince needs to be a backup at SF. Bynum should be replaced especially for his current salary. But Wilkins is a relatively cheap role player and can still play defense even though he is in his thirties.

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