The Pistons vs. The Bulls

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The Pistons vs The Bulls

The 2-6 Pistons are in Chicago to take on the 7-2 Bulls. The Pistons will again be without Rodney Stuckey as well as Charlie Villanueva, both out with injuries.

With players out for Detroit, guys like Tayshaun Prince really need to step up their games to contend with a very good Bulls team.  This will be the last time I’m going to call out Ben Gordon…if he doesn’t have a big game against his former team tonight, chances are he never will.

  • The good: More playing time for rookie Brandon Knight that will be starting at PG in place of Rodney Stuckey.
  • The bad: MVP Derrick Rose. This Bulls team has yet to lose a game at home and their good.
  • The unknown: Rip Hamilton is a game time decision, as well as is Austin Daye.

The Game Day Report via

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Tip off is at 8:00 pm and will be broadcast on Fox Sports If you can’t catch the game on TV, catch it on the radio over at 97.1 The Ticket.

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21 Responses to "The Pistons vs. The Bulls"
  1. Julian says:

    I know coach Frank wants to win games but he needs give everybody some playing time to see what all his players can do in a game situation not just how they perform during practice. This year there won`t be much practice time to evaluate talent.
    Also in order for him and Joe to see who needs to stay on the team next year and who needs to go.

    • edt says:

      What you think we have lebron on the bench but he’s not getting minutes, Brandon Knight, Greg Monroe, Jerebko, Prince, Ben Gordon are starting, daye is a bust, maxiell can play about 6 minutes before he is done, ben wallace is 200 years old, damien wilkens at 31 years old, is getting minutes and playing as well as can be expected, vernon macklin is playing minutes but not particularly well

      I mean, the only thing I can think is that you want Charlie Villanueava to put on a cape, fly in and rescue us.

      Aint gonna happen Jules

    • edt says:

      Bynum is getting minutes too. But we need to develop Knight he’s gonna be the future of this franchise.

  2. pistonsfan101 says:

    If Prince is playing injured, I don’t understand why he isn’t taking any time off. We have guys like Daye and WIlkins that can play the 3 spot.

    • zane says:

      daye are u kidding me he can’t play defense, and he can’t make a shot a injured tay is better then a healthy daye.. Daye is not gonna help us unless we need more turn overs and missed shots Wilkins is doing his best

  3. Drew says:

    We need us some Stuckey tonight. He at least gives us a chance to stay in the ball game. Sorry, but Knight is still better off the bench at this point. Stuckey almost always puts up solid-to-great +/- numbers, even during an off day — maybe because he doesn’t get beat up on defense.

  4. Drew says:

    Knight 0/7 shooting so far. He must be taking classes at the Rodney Stuckey School of Shooting.

  5. zane says:

    wOw Joe really need to get monroe some help…… he has really improved his game

  6. Drew says:

    Nice airball, Daye

    • zane says:

      Lmao.. wOw hit nothing….. what the hell has happen to his shot his shooting is awful Our team if full of all the same type players byum and stuckey, jj and max tayshaun and daye . cv and bg neither cant play defense … hope joe is working that phone.

      • edt says:

        yeah joe is working the phone looking for a new job

        • zane says:

          lol..cmon I think/hope joe had some big plans when he sign cv and bg (I hated both signing) but couldn’t because of the sale. Now that his hands are un-tied joe will fix some of the mistake he made.. I hope… it has been painful watching teams get better with trades and us missing out but with our “top” draft pick and a trade we’ll be back on track.

  7. Drew says:

    Gordon and Knight = masters of passing to the middle of nowhere

  8. Mel says:

    The Lions has past the loosing curse to the Pistons. Damn

  9. edt says:

    for my first award I would like to give out a medal for most rebounds

    10 rebounds for the moose

    for my second award, most points scored

    13 by Moose

    and for my third award for most assists, best ball handler, most efficient at the point guard

    6 assists by Moooooose

    for my fourth award most free throws made and highest free throw percentage

    MOOOOOOSE MOOOSE 4 for 4 and 100%

    and for my fifth award highest field goals made

    56% by moose

    and for the mOOOOSE of the MOOOSSSSEEE

    WE ARE MOOOSE TEAM, lose the rest of those crummy bastards, let the moose play them 5 on 1.


  10. Tycoon says:

    I bet we’re no 1 when it comes to average deficit on losses (close to 18pts). All 7 losses are double digits.

  11. Drew says:

    Need Stuckey for tomorrow. Team has played noticeably worse without him.

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