The Pistons vs. The Bulls

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The Pistons vs The Bulls

The 2-3 Pistons are at the Palace of Auburn Hills to welcome back Rip Hamilton and his 5-1 Chicago Bulls.

  • The good: The Pistons have won two in a row, and the Bulls played a tough one last night. Rip Hamilton returning to the Palace.
  • The bad: MVP Derrick Rose. Rip may not see much action at his old stomping grounds, he’s nursing a groin injury.
  • The unknown: What will the fans do when Rip is in the building? I sure hope he gets the respect he deserves, he helped this team win an NBA Championship. Will Ben Gordon finally have a lights out night against the Bulls?

The Game Day Report via

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Tip off is at 7:30 pm and will be broadcast on Fox Sports If you can’t catch the game on TV, catch it on the radio over at 97.1 The Ticket.

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6 Responses to "The Pistons vs. The Bulls"
  1. Avatar Mel says:

    Interesting comments from Daye. He didn’t sound too thrilled talking about RIP, almost like he wants to get at him on the court. He just got to play defense so he can scrap his butt of the bench LOL . It will be good to see Rip playing the way he wants with a team ready to give him a chance to get another one. Just remember you got your first in Detroit. Rip can help teach them boys what it takes to go all the way. Much Love to Ya Rip, thank you for your services and great memories as a Piston.

    On another note I think our boys might loose this one ( I pray I’m wrong). Rose is almost looking like the second coming of Jordan and I will not like that at all. Cause I was never a fan of Jordan respect his game though. ( He’s the reason the media down plays the Pistons till this day.)

    But win or loose this will be a good game for LFrank to better gauge where the Pistons are and what he has to do to get them to the next level.(besides getting better players, lol.)


  2. Avatar adamd says:

    why, oh why did we sign Stuckey.

  3. Avatar Tycoon says:

    Wow, 35 pts in first half. Are we even competing? Hope we keep it more decent in the second. Bulls look like a super team though.

  4. Avatar Zane says:

    Why are we looking like the team who played yesterday.. Rip is showing us we need a upgrade at shooting guard and that he is the upgrade for the bulls. No one can make a shot . We can come back on a run now… not sure we will we need to step it up…………… GO PISTONS

  5. Avatar edt says:

    sometimes i think the pistons is the deepest team in the NBA.

    And by “deepest” I mean we have 6th men from positions 1 through 4 and the entire bench. All sixth men.

    Plus the Moose.

    Sounds like a band name, Moose and the Sixth men.

  6. Avatar Mel says:

    Don’t panic I figured we wouldn’t win this game. Chicago is battle tested, the only battle our Pistons have gone against are the last two games that we won. There still learning one another through Franks system. Chicago’s coach has been coaching them for a full season plus they got Rip.
    I’m looking for our boys to play more fluid in Franks system, Chi is too good for us right now, and probably at the end of the season too, but it will be good to see there progress when we play them March 30th. We’ll see a different team after 20 games. They need confidence, grit and another good big or power forward. It was funny seeing Noah trying to play up to Moose. Moose is starting to learn how to play with the Big Boys.

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