The Pistons vs. The Bobcats

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The Pistons vs. The Bobcats

The 2-9 Pistons are in Charlotte for the second game of a back to back to to take on the 2-9 Bobcats. In a meeting of two of the league’s worst teams, the Bobcats and Pistons will each be trying to put a W in the win column against a team each has a chance to beat.

  • The good: The Bobcats like to turnover the ball, similar to another team we know. Look for Detroit to try to capitalize on that.
  • The bad: DJ Augustine is about the only Bobcat that really needs to be held in check. Although Matt Carroll loves to light up Detroit for no good reason.
  • The unknown: Can Moose Monroe keep up the numbers he’s putting up? After scoring a career high 32 with 14 boards against the Bucks, can he do it two nights in a row?  How many people has Boris Diaw since we last saw him…the guy was huge.

The Pistons will be back home at the Palace on Sunday, get in the door for as little as $5.

Tip off is at 7:00 pm and will be broadcast on Fox Sports. If you can’t catch the game on TV, catch it on the radio over at 97.1 the Ticket.

27 Responses to "The Pistons vs. The Bobcats"
  1. Julian says:

    Even though the Pistons are on the road, I think they have a good chance of a W since the Bobcats are also a bottom feeder type team.
    If BG gets off to a bad start I would put Stuckey in there right away.
    Tayshaun and JJ need to play better than they have lately.

  2. Julian says:

    here is the NBA scoring ranking of each position on the pistons
    Center- Monroe is 4th in scoring
    PF- Jonas is 30th
    SF- Tay is 18th
    SG- Ben is 13th
    PG- Knight is 19th
    PF and SF are a weakness. Since Knight has been starting lately, he will climb up the ranks quickly. For how much the Pistons are paying BG, he is underachieving big time.

  3. Richard says:

    I agree Prince and JJ really need to start making the points that we know what they can do.. The team needs three good scorers and they will be fine… Last night for example if the Pistons could have got 20 points from someone that could have been a win.. Also the team needs to stop letting people like (who) score much.. Garbage guys should get dunked on all day..

  4. edt says:

    1st half notes. Seems like we are gonna win this game. It’s not just the bobcats either the pistons are playing good right now.

    Brandon Knight is 2 for 6 but I prefer him this game more than yesterday where he shot the lights out but turned over the ball 5 times.

    We had three turnovers this game at the half. Three!

    Remember how yesterday I was full of hate at Brandon Knight.

    I take it back! Get it going young fella. Maybe you do have a handle.

  5. Kerghan says:

    Praise for the squad they playing a good game.

    If only Ben Gordon would show some life.

  6. Kerghan says:

    Well played Pistons.

    Greg Monroe is the man! Who was the best pick in the draft last season after all?

    Brandon is much better when he is being aggressive. Stop deferring to Rodney when he is on the court and you will be fine young fella.

    Jonas with a good confidence building game.

    Ben Gordon is painfully frustrating sometimes, but we should be used to it by now.

    Main thing is we got a win and looked pretty good doing it.
    Congrats to the team

  7. edt says:

    I want to just say. . . . We didn’t just beat a bad team, we destroyed them

    The way we played tonight, I mean I know it’s just the bobcats, but if we played like this all the time we could make it to the playoffs.

    Brandon Knight was great. He played like a point guard. Jonas of course was ridiculous.

    Jerebko, Monroe, Knight, Stuckey

    We got some players that can ball.

    I love the increased minutes for Ben Wallace, I hope we can creep his minutes up to 25 and hold it there the rest of the season.

    I love seeing Austin Daye taking out some garbage.

    This is not the same team that played for the last 4 games. Who turned on the switch, how did they do it and keep doing it.

    If this team plays like this vs Golden State, oh we are gonna crush them.

    • zane says:

      ***who are you and what have you done with edt??
      Yes the pistons won, but they should of won yes it was a great game but we should win like this against a team like the Bobcats. I’m a little excited myself but if the pistons really want to prove to me they are finally getting it they have to do more then beat a team they should beat anyway. Seen this movie to many times look good one night and the next game we look lost again so to prove this wasn’t a fluke they need to show me more of this.. next up golden state.. but this 1 blow out win is great but means nothing if we go back 5steps next game.. to be continue…..wOw! see what happens when u drink and watch the game…..they beat the ~bobcats~ and you think playoff. welcome to my world (hard liquor and the remote) Great game 2night

      • edt says:

        No you’re wrong. We are supposed to be somewhere around 8th from the bottom the bobcats are somewhere around 5th from the bottom.

        But the way we played, it was like a winning team.

        I was expecting to battle hard, to have things to wrong for the two teams to exchange mistake after mistake.

        That’s not what happened. We were supposed to have a hard game. It wasn’t hard, it was an easy game, like we weren’t even challenged.

        • zane says:

          Oooh I’ve been down this road before It was a great game they played well but you really expected a hard game? I actually was looking at the bobcats roster thinking to myself who will we make look like an all star tonight…Don’t get me wrong I enjoy a piston win like the next guy no matter who its against, but I’ve been a fan to long to get overly excited. We will see after the golden state game… It’ll Take more then a win over the bobcats to convince me we’re on the right track for good lets see if we get derailed ….next up golden state.

          • edt says:

            Zane you got to hop on the bandwagon now we both know it only has 3 wheels and might go into the ditch at any second.

            So jump on now!

  8. Piston Ron says:

    Holy crap, a win! And it seemed to be a convincing one, from following the box score.

  9. gordbrown says:

    I think in large part Pistons problems have been psychological. Playing teams with high talent levels and reputations require that a team like the Pistons have to play perfectly. The effort to play perfect basketball, especially when constantly having to climb out of deep holes, causes players to play outside of themselves, and when they do make a mistake it tends to snowball. Playing a team like Charlotte is not like that: consequently, the team had fun, they played loose and it showed, big time. I also wonder if maybe having to play all those good teams in a row will prove to be beneficial in the long run. Interesting to see what happens against Golden State.

  10. Drew says:

    I didn’t see the game, but it looked like Ben Gordon played decently. Nonetheless, is it time to start the Stuckey/Knight experiment? The team seemed hectic having Knight start with no Stuckey in the lineup. Stuckey brings that calming presence to the squad, even on his worst shooting days. Knight can fill in the shooter role that Ben Gordon has tried (inconsistently) to do.

    On another note, good to see Jerebko break out of his 6+ game funk. What happened to him during that time?

  11. zane says:

    look @Nat already putting a win in for golden state… Am I the only one who didn’t drink tonight…. Man I feel so left out…

  12. zane says:

    wOw this win have everyone off track… Been long time since pistons fans been this excited over a win… = } Thinking ahead..

  13. 20 Chainz says:

    glad to see Brandon Knight have better stats than Walker. Personally I think they are better but still many count the dude out as a potential flop.

    honestly we won, but if you look in the second half we were not as defensively effect as we should be.

    • zane says:

      Guess we’re the only ones not on the hot air balloon ride over this win. Was a Great win Glad to see it coming together…. I hope…tbc…. we still have more work to do…
      —check out the bottom feeders score board:
      was 89 – phi 120
      bucks 76 – Mavs 102 (guess we wore them out)
      sac 89 – Hou 103
      our pistons 98 – bobcats 81

  14. pistonsfan101 says:

    What’s up with other team’s offering their fans free tickets to the Pistons game?! First Bobcats and now the Wolves?!/kevinlove/status/157620894594899968 lol

  15. Tycoon says:

    we win whenever Jerebko scores big. just saw the boxscore though. First road win, this is sweet. hope to see more of this.

  16. Mel says:

    Its great to read all of supportive post here. Pistons played a great game Frank is finally getting players to buy in. The Moose is loose , his confidence is really showing now. everyone else on the team just needs to on for the ride. He set the tone after that 32 and 16 outing. If he can maintain that effort and smarts like he did the second half of last season we got us a star. Knight leads all rookies in 3 pointers and maybe rebounds for a point guard.
    The season is still young so I’m not sold yet I ‘m going to say Golden State is going to win tonight I hope my boys make me a lair. The key for the Pistons is to be able to play with that energy they’ve player the last two games consistently. If they do that they can beat alot of teams. Lets see what happens tonight.

  17. Julian says:

    Moose and Knight are talented young players with a good attitudes that are willing to learn from coaches and veterans.
    JJ should keep improving in his 2nd season and hopefully will become more consistent day in and day out.
    Stuckey will be starting eventually at SG instead of Gordon once his groin improves.
    This gives us a young talented nucleus of players to build around and that can challenge the top teams in a couple of years.

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