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Not too kind from the scheduling gods for the Pistons, though I didn’t think it would favor them much. Why not start out with two games against Indiana in the first week.

Take a look at the full Schedule.

Tue 20 @ Cleveland Preseason 7:00pm

December Opponent Time
 Fri 16  vs Cleveland Preseason  7:30pm
 Mon 26  @ Indiana  7:00pm
 Wed 28  vs Cleveland  7:30pm
 Fri 30  @ Boston  7:30pm
 Sat 31  vs Indiana  6:00pm
January Opponent Time
 Mon 02  vs Orlando  7:30pm
 Wed 04  vs Chicago  7:30pm
 Fri 06  @ Philadelphia  7:00pm
 Sat 07  vs New York  7:30pm
 Mon 09  @ Chicago  8:00pm
 Tue 10  vs Dallas  7:30pm
 Thu 12  @ Milwaukee  8:00pm
 Fri 13  @ Charlotte  7:00pm
 Sun 15  vs Golden State  6:00pm
 Tue 17  @ Houston  8:00pm
 Wed 18  @ Minnesota  8:00pm
 Fri 20  vs Memphis  7:30pm
 Sat 21  vs Portland  7:30pm
 Mon 23  @ Oklahoma City  8:00pm
 Wed 25  vs Miami  7:30pm
 Fri 27  vs Atlanta  7:30pm
 Sat 28  @ Philadelphia  7:00pm
 Mon 30  @ Milwaukee  8:00pm
 Tue 31  @ New York  7:30pm
February Opponent Time
 Wed 01  @ New Jersey  7:30pm
 Fri 03  vs Milwaukee  7:30pm
 Sat 04  vs New Orleans  7:30pm
 Wed 08  @ New Jersey  7:30pm
 Fri 10  vs New Jersey  7:30pm
 Sun 12  vs Washington  6:00pm
 Tue 14  vs San Antonio  7:30pm
 Wed 15  @ Boston  7:30pm
 Fri 17  vs Sacramento  7:30pm
 Sun 19  vs Boston  6:00pm
 Tue 21  @ Cleveland  7:00pm
 Wed 22  @ Toronto  7:00pm
 Tue 28  vs Philadelphia  7:30pm
 Wed 29  vs Charlotte  7:30pm
March Opponent Time
 Sat 03  @ Memphis  8:00pm
 Tue 06  vs LA Lakers  7:30pm
 Fri 09  vs Atlanta  7:30pm
 Sat 10  vs Toronto  7:30pm
 Mon 12  @ Utah  9:00pm
 Wed 14  @ Sacramento  10:00pm
 Fri 16  @ Phoenix  10:00pm
 Sun 18  @ LA Clippers  3:30pm
 Wed 21  @ Denver  9:00pm
 Fri 23  vs Miami  7:30pm
 Sat 24  @ New York  7:30pm
 Mon 26  @ Washington  7:00pm
 Wed 28  @ Cleveland  7:00pm
 Fri 30  @ Chicago  8:00pm
 Sat 31  vs Charlotte  7:30pm
April Opponent Time
 Tue 03  vs Orlando  7:30pm
 Thu 05  vs Washington  7:30pm
 Fri 06  @ Atlanta  7:30pm
 Sun 08  @ Miami  6:00pm
 Mon 09  @ Orlando  7:00pm
 Thu 12  @ Charlotte  7:00pm
 Fri 13  vs Milwaukee  8:00pm
 Sun 15  vs Chicago  6:00pm
 Tue 17  vs Cleveland  7:30pm
 Wed 18  @ Atlanta  7:30pm
 Thu 19  vs Minnesota  7:30pm
 Sun 22  vs Toronto  6:00pm
 Mon 23  @ Indiana  7:00pm
 Thu 26  vs Philadelphia  8:00pm


15 Responses to "We Have a Schedule"
  1. Andy says:

    Yikes….those are tough few first 5 games for the Pistons.

  2. Bellllissimo says:

    are they all televised?

  3. JTC says:

    It was pretty sad last year that we did not have a game that was not nationally televised. It used to be a regular thing with Chauncey and the boys back in the day. I guess it is time to start earning our national attention again! One game at a time! Go Pistons!

  4. pistonsfan101 says:

    I notice two back-to-back-to-back games!

  5. David says:

    I read an article saying the pistons could possibly hey al jefferson and rudy gay through amnestity clause. If this happens it will be the greatest christmas present I have ever received

  6. David says:

    I heard we might be getting rudy gay and al jefferson through the amniesty clause. If this was to happen this would be the greatest christmas present ever

  7. zane says:

    Nat will you be making a “shorten season” game calendar for desktop???

  8. pistonsfan101 says:

    T-Mac sign with the Hawks!

  9. Damien W. says:

    Huh, I notice that our 3-In-A-Row game isn’t until the end of the season:

    Cleveland, Atlanta, Minnesota.

    Atlanta being the only away game. That… kinda helps? We are gonna need the youth in the legs toward the end of the season.

  10. Damien W. says:

    Then I notice, yet again, 10 out of the 15 games in March are on the road?! OH GOD. That month is gonna suuuuuuuck.

  11. Vladan says:

    Hey Natalie,

    long time no see. Hope you are doing fine! It is good to see the Blog going again, after the Lock-Out…Need4Sheed was one of the things I missed the most about the season. The Internet can get boring without you! 😉

    I’m not up-to-date regarding our free agents and potential fits on the FA market for the Pistons. Maybe you can help us out with a little post. 🙂

    Best regards from Austria 🙂

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